The GOP is on a suicide mission

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

If Ronald Reagan would know what the GOP is doing nowadays,  the GOP savior would roll over in his grave. The whole world is making fun of them. Democrats, Independents and even Moderate Republicans can’t believe what is going on. The only ones who seem to think they’re doing a great job, are the GOP Politicians themselves.

I don’t even know where to start. Should I start with the GOP’s wish that rapists should have the right to sue the victim of their rape to stop her from having an abortion? Or with the same people who continue to repeat that that victim can’t be pregnant from rape in the first place? Should I mention that a majority of GOP voters wants better gun control, but that the GOP doesn’t even want to consider it? Or maybe that even though most of their voters wanted a tax raise on the richest Americans, GOP Politicians refused to do so, leaving a Nation nervous for weeks? Maybe I should begin with the GOP House spending tax payer money in an insane attempt to repeal ObamaCare for the 34th time. Or that victims of Hurricane Sandy had to wait for relief because Republicans who were willing to spend 3 trillion they didn’t have on wars, were unwilling to spend 60 billion on homeless Americans. The list goes on and on. And in all these examples the GOP went against the will of their own voters, leaving no doubt who they are actually working for.

Apparently the GOP wants to have the image that they only care about their richest sponsors, ignore the majority of their own voters and that they’re willing to suicide bomb their own country if they don’t get what they want. A recent poll showed that only 26% of the Americans see the GOP as something positive. No doubt that that number will shrink even further.

Many GOP Politicians are in complete denial. They still seem to think Americans agree with what they are doing. Barack Obama won the elections in a landslide and every serious analyst knows that the voters punished the GOP for being completely out of touch with the American people. But no signs yet that the GOP learned from it.

The few realistic Republicans know there are tough times ahead. Until 2014 they can block whatever they want in the House, but it looks like their time is over then. In the midterm elections the Democrats may win a majority in the House and from then on the GOP lost all power. And if they don’t change anything soon, it is hard to imagine that they will ever get it back. Most voters who appreciate what the GOP does are old white men. There are some younger Conservatives who are very loud but there are just a couple of them. Not enough to even come close to the number of new voters who are likely to join the Democrats. The only way the GOP can survive and be competitive is if they exterminate the Ultra Conservatives who rule their party. Twenty percent of the Americans may love them, but the more extreme they become, the further they will walk away from the other 80% of the electorate. And twenty percent of the voters may be loud, but they won’t win an election for you.

Maybe that is why this week, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus openly supported a plan to cheat. Instead of making sure his party starts listening to the American people, instead of trying to find out why people abandoned the GOP during the 2012  elections, Priebus has a better idea. He wants to change the electoral system.  Traditional Red states should remain ‘the winner takes all’ States and the votes in Blue States should be divided by district.

The vote of a Democrat in Texas will end up in the trashcan once the Republicans won the State, but the vote of a Republican in Pennsylvania will still count once the Democrats won that State. It must be a joke, but he was serious. You must not really be confident that you have a good plan for America if you think you need tricks like this to have a chance to win, but he didn’t even try to hide it. Priebus openly admitted that a first world democracy like America should have a system in which Republican States are ‘winner takes it all’ States and States won by Democrats are not.

No attempts to get votes by doing what voters actually want, no attempts to change the GOP’s pro-rape culture or the wars they have with everyone who is not a Conservative Christian. No will to change a party that leaves Hurricane Victims homeless because they prefer to play Political games. None of that all. The best solution the GOP could come up with is not to listen to the American people, but to openly cheat during the elections.

And just like all the other things they’ve tried, this will also backfire. In the months leading up to the 2012 elections the GOP did everything to make voting easier for those who were likely to vote for them and tried to make voting more difficult for those who were more likely to vote for the Democrats. Result? People felt as if their right to vote was in danger. They waited in line for hours. They turned up in huge numbers. Nothing energized the Democratic voters more than GOP attempts to cheat. But the GOP still doesn’t realize that in these days people can inform themselves via social media and internet, they still don’t get that can’t win anymore by cheating.

The direction the GOP is going in is not good for the GOP and not good for our country. America needs a decent GOP. No country should just have just one serious party. But there is big chance it will be like that soon. Demographics show that even an extreme red State like Texas may be blue in ten years. If anything, the GOP should become more moderate because that is what the majority of the voters want. But instead of doing that, they changed into a party for the extreme Conservative right and by doing so, sent Moderate Republicans and Independents to the Democrats.

The good thing about a democracy is that the majority decides. The days that you could win an election because voters were uninformed are over. It’s time the GOP stops their suicide mission and starts to realize what the majority actually wants. It’s time the GOP walks towards the majority instead of away from them. If they refuse to change, the GOP will be nothing but a memory within years.

And considering what they have been doing lately, not a good memory.


Open letter to the Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church members from Topeka, K...

Westboro Baptist Church members from Topeka, Kansas protesting in front of RFK Stadium located in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It probably won’t be a surprise that I strongly disagree with pretty much everything you guys do. So does the rest of the world and I’m sure that is not only what you expected, you are probably told that it’s a good thing. If the evil world is angry with you, you must be doing it right.

Unlike many others, I see most of you as victims. And the couple documentaries I saw about you confirmed that. And I ask myself for which things and from which age on can you be blamed for what you do? And I still don’t know the answer.

If you teach a little kid that Jews are horrible people, he will probably grow up hating Jews until he either wakes up or meets other people and opens up to different opinions. Teach that same kid that Americans are evil, and he will believe you too. And that is what happened with a lot of you. You have been told that the whole world is evil, except for the sixty, seventy members of the Westboro Baptist Church. You have been told that you will burn in Hell if you disagree with whatever your pastor thinks he reads in the Bible. You have been told that if someone challenges you to think for yourself, it is actually the devil trying to spread doubt. It’s therefore better not to question anything and to act as if you have no doubts, even though you do. You are forced to kick your daughter out of the house because she had her questions. You have to act like you don’t care about her anymore but you do.

In a society it should be irrelevant if and what someone believes. I won’t even mention if I believe anything, I hate to preach but I do know the Bible. I also know that there is no verse in the Bible that says the Westboro Baptist Church is the one and only real church. Jesus never said that Pastor Fred Phelps from Kansas is the only one who has got it right.

It must be hard to live in an environment where you are told that you will burn in Hell if you disagree. And not only will you burn in Hell, you will also be kicked out of the house, you will have to leave your family, lose everything you seem to have. It’s hard to question anything. It’s easier, safer, to try not to think, because you know the consequences thinking can have.

Some did question what they were told and concluded it just couldn’t be right. Somewhere between Jesus being nice, friendly and caring for people who were going through a tough time and Pastor Fred Phelps ordering you to destroy a funeral for the same people, there seems to be a gap of information. Those in your church who doubted, had to go. Fathers kicked their daughters out of the house, because they dared to disagree. In a documentary Louis Theroux made at your church, some of you acted as if you didn’t care but you were about to cry while talking about the loss of your daughter. The only reason you didn’t cry is because you are told that emotions don’t matter. Not because the Bible says so, but because your Pastor says so. It takes a lot of effort to read in the Bible that it is forbidden to be a human being, but you have been warned what happens if you cave for your feelings. End of story. Find another home. Lose your family. Never hear from them again.

In another part of the documentary, a girl in your church was talking about her non-existing and not-allowed love life. She had better things to do. She mentioned that once a guy asked her to go for a coffee. She told him no. The interviewer asked ‘what was his name’ and she said ‘I don’t know, I don’t care’. The interviewer didn’t buy it and said ‘of course you do’ and she admitted ‘his name is Robert’. She said she didn’t care, but she did. She was just not supposed to.

As unimportant as it seems, this is a good example of what you are doing in your church. You are not allowed to be a human being. You are not allowed to miss your daughter. Twenty year old girls are not allowed to even think about having feelings for someone. Because a Pastor who has thirteen children says it’s not good. And the consequence of the slightest mistake is that you can pack your stuff and move out.

An inconsistent Pastor and a couple others claim to be the only ones who know the truth. The rest of you joins them whether you like it or not. Serious questions that people ask you are answered by ‘you are too dumb to understand’ which is English for ‘I don’t have an answer’. The whole bible is taken out of context there in Kansas and only certain parts of it are used. But don’t doubt it, because your name will be ‘false prophet’.

For those who believe, the most important thing in the Bible is that Jesus died for everyone who believes in him. It doesn’t say Jesus only died for the members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Or only for those who live like your pastor thinks one should live. No, it says for everybody who believes.  Period.

A closer look and analysis of your church shows structural inconsistency. Everything God does should be celebrated is what you say. And even if, in your opinion, that would mean you have to picket and celebrate the funeral of a soldier, then why don’t you also celebrate a beautiful forest when you see it? You think everything in the world is made by God? Have you ever picketed a beautiful sunset with signs ‘God loves sunsets’? If not, then you are not celebrating everything your God does.

Your anti-gay focus is also something that is more based on Pastor Phelps his opinion than on the Bible. According to some interpretations the Bible does say that being gay is not good. But it also says lying is wrong, it says cheating is wrong, a whole bunch of other things are also wrong and especially for you, it says judging is wrong. Imagine how your life would be if you stopped judging? There would be nothing left.

And never does the Bible say that the Westboro Baptist church gets to pick which ‘sin’ is more important than the other sin. That is a decision you made. Not based on the Bible but based on what your father, uncle, grandfather, said. Pastor Phelps. Never mentioned in the Bible, but apparently there is some secret part that says that he is the only one who can (mis)interpret whatever he wants. He can forget half of the Bible and put the other half in the wrong context. And in case you notice that he is not correct, he also has the power to call you a false prophet.

What this man did to you and your family is horrible. You live a life of lies. You feel things that you are not allowed to feel. You want to cry because you miss your daughter who you kicked out of the house, but you can’t cry, out of fear that you will be kicked out yourself. And you can’t even discuss your feelings with your husband, wife or sister, because being vulnerable may be a human thing that is not forbidden in the bible, but in your Church it’s called temptation. A trick all cults use to stop the people from walking away.

But there is one thing you can do. You can be honest to yourself. No one will find out. You are allowed to realize that you actually do miss your daughter, even if you can’t admit it. You are allowed to realize that none of what you are told is based on the whole Bible, but just on misinterpretations of a small part of it. You are allowed to realize you are unhappy. And I can tell you that so far, everyone who left your cult, seems to be happier than back when they were there. But they still miss you, because most of you are family.

Wake up, be honest to yourself and realize that you’re throwing away your life, because one person preaches hate and forbids you to think about it yourself. And if you’re not happy with that, then go, leave that place and go look for your daughter, son or brother. They miss you. And you miss them. I feel sorry for you.

None of the Pro-Gun Lobby arguments make any sense

NRA Headquarters, Fairfax Virginia USA

NRA Headquarters, Fairfax Virginia USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a while ago that a big part of our Nation was shocked by the murder on little kids in Newtown. I mention a big part of our Nation, because I am convinced that the gun lobby wasn’t shocked about all the innocent lives that were lost, they were shocked because they had to come up with some kind of an answer.

We got that answer. Blame Video Games, blame everyone and everything you want, but don’t blame guns. We’ve seen a lot of discussions on TV and the social media has been busy with it ever since the shooting in Newtown.

And if we learned one thing it is that the gun lobby, the NRA, doesn’t even try to get it right. They just don’t care. Their arguments are so weak, so thin, and are not based on any facts, while those who favor stricter gun laws can back their opinion up with statistics from all over the world.

I gave up on the idea that facts or reason can convince the gun fanatics so I’m not writing this to convince them. They don’t want to be convinced and you can show them a million facts, in the end the freedom to have a gun is more important to them than all the innocent lives lost because of that freedom. Still it might be good to look at some of the arguments the gun lobby comes up with to show how ridiculous they are.

The most used line was without a doubt “guns don’t kill people, people do” and that is of course technically correct. It makes no sense though because it suggests that the person is the problem, and could have done whatever he did, even if he wouldn’t have had a gun. And that is unlikely. Imagine the mass murderer in Newtown was at the school with a knife. I can’t say he would not have been able to kill anyone, but he would never have been able to slaughter 20 kids to death. Kids can run away and a couple adults can beat an insane person even if he has a knife. Never would there have been so many innocent victims if it wasn’t for that gun. The same day the mass shooting in Newtown took place, a man in China entered a school and attacked 24 children with a knife.  A lot of them were wounded. No one died. It’s correct that guns don’t kill people, but having a gun makes killing much easier, makes especially a mass shooting much easier.  The argument that guns don’t kill people may technically be correct, but just makes no sense.

Another statistic that is totally taken out of context is that handguns prevent millions of crimes a year. Again, technically it’s correct. Police officers prevent crimes all the time. It’s their job. They walk around with a gun and I have never heard anyone complain about the fact that they are armed. But a statistic that shows the number of crimes that are prevented by our armed police can of course not be used to make a point why normal citizens should walk around with a gun. The discussion is not if a cop should have a gun or not.

Whenever a citizen might have saved his or her life by using a gun the NRA screams it around, advertises it wherever they can. It happens a couple times a year. That’s it. There are no impressive stats about how many lives are saved by private owned guns and that is why the gun lobby uses the stats from law enforcement to make their case for private owned guns. That is of course a joke.

The next point the gun lobby tries to make is that if everybody had a gun, school shootings wouldn’t happen. The shooter himself would be shot straight away. Another very weak point. How many examples are there that a mass shooting was prevented because the shooter was shot by a brave citizen? They mention it all the time but if you ask for an example they come up with a shooting a century ago. There are though, many examples of schools, Universities, Cinema’s, even Presidents who were attacked while they were surrounded by armed guards and it didn’t help anything. It still ended in a mass shooting. It still ended with a lot of funerals.

If the school in Newtown would have had armed teachers, it would have ended in a shoot-out. Instead of taking care of the kids and trying to protect and save as many kids as possible, the kids would have been in the Middle of a Wild West situation, with the possibility that even more kids would have died. More guns, or armed teachers is not a serious option, not a single stat suggests it would help. And I don’t even address the issue that it might not be good for kids to grow up in a school that looks like a warzone.

Most mass shootings happen with assault rifles. Besides thinking that it’s ‘cool’ to have such a weapon and besides the fact that the gun industry makes a lot of money with it, there is not a single argument why civilians should be able to own guns like that. The gun lobby pretty much refuses to talk about their stance on the private ownership of assault weapons, and changes the subject as soon as they’re confronted with the issue. The only honest answer would be ‘we make a lot of money with it’ but they’re not allowed to say that, so they’re silent.

There are more things the gun lobby says that are based on a theory, not on reality. They say for example that if you don’t have a gun to protect yourself, you will automatically be a victim of those who do have a gun, even if they’re not allowed to have one. Technically correct. But in countries where you are not allowed to own a gun you can be arrested for having one, for walking on the street with a gun. You’re at risk all the time if you own a gun, you can be thrown in jail for years, just for having one. And as it turns out, in all those countries, criminals don’t walk around with a gun because that itself is already a crime. Not that they care about the law, but the reality, the statistics, show that as soon as guns are banned, even criminals will be very careful carrying one with them. The theory that you won’t be able to defend yourself is only a theory, because the reality is that as soon as they risk being thrown in jail, just for having a gun, criminals are much more likely to leave their gun at home or not own one at all.

Another point of course is that if you’re sleeping and an unexpected visitor threatens you with a gun, you most likely won’t have the time to get your gun to defend yourself anyway. It’s a theory, but there are not that many examples of those who saved themselves from a burglar thanks to their gun. There are though, a lot of examples of innocent people who lost their lives because access to guns in the USA is as easy as access to milk.

Every point the gun lobby tries to make can be destroyed with Statistics, with reason and with logic. But they will keep on repeating them anyway because as I already mentioned, their intention is not to figure out what would be right, their intention is to make a point for their cause, even though there is no point.

The murder rate in the USA is so much higher than in any other civilized country. The UK banned most guns after a school shooting in 1996. That school shooting is still the last one that happened in the UK. The population of the USA is five times higher than that of the UK. The murder rate by guns is 450 times higher in the USA. The same Statistics can be mentioned about pretty much all other first world countries. And confronted with these Statistics, the nervous gun lobby desperately tries to say that you can’t compare one country to another one. They don’t want to deal with the fact that in the USA the risk to be murdered by a gun is ninety times higher than it is in the UK because that’s not something that can be explained by cultural differences. It’s something that can only be explained by our ridiculous gun culture.

If the shooter in Newtown, a guy who had no connections to criminals, who would most likely never have been able to get a gun via via, wouldn’t have been able to use his mom’s guns, all those little kids would probably still have been alive. And so would his mom. The shooter in the cinema in Colorado was not someone with ties to the criminal world. If guns would have been banned, he would most likely never have had access to one. He went to the cinema with four guns and ammunition enough for a small war. In the last two big shootings (and I forget to mention all the ‘smaller’ but just as deadly shootings) the shooter was a young adult with mental health problems. Not a notorious criminal. Notorious criminals know better than go to a school to kill kids. These were confused people who, if access to guns would have been more difficult, would never have done the horrible things they did.

Guns didn’t protect Reagan when they tried to shoot him. They didn’t prevent many other mass shootings. And they don’t prevent that burglar from coming into your home if he wants to. But the easy access to guns does bring you in danger at a school, at a cinema, in a mall.

Somewhere in America a confused kid is already planning the next mass shooting. His parents probably own a gun. A gun that may kill them.

The gun lobby will never admit the facts. Confronted with reason, statistics and facts, they will repeat some of the arguments I wrote about. They are so thin but it’s all they’ve got. None of them make sense, none of them are backed by Statistics. It is a waste of time to try to talk sense into them, they make a living thanks to the gun culture and they prefer to see little kids killed over losing their jobs. It’s a waste of time to try to convince them. If twenty dead kids didn’t convince them, nothing will.

But those parents, those good citizens who own a gun because they actually believe it is good for their safety. Those parents who’s kid is planning the next mass shooting with their gun, they might be open for reason. If only we can convince them that they’re not safer thanks to that gun, but that they’re in danger because of it. Maybe they will get rid of their guns, and maybe their mentally ill son, will therefore not be able to kill twenty kids, but find help for his problems instead.

The Fiscal Cliff war: John Boehner belongs in Prison.

The Fiscal Cliff discussion is probably the most pathetic discussion I think we’ve ever had in American Politics.

John Boehner - Caricature

John Boehner – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

It is also the ultimate proof that the current GOP learned nothing from the Elections. Approval rating for Congress is lower than it has ever been. People are sick and tired of Political games but the game show host, John Boehner, won’t stop playing.

There are a lot of issues that divide America. But this is a Political war about something while a hundred percent of us agree on what’s the best solution. Democrats, Republicans, the most Conservative Tea Party members, every single person wants a Tax Cut for the Middle Class. No exception. Everybody.

It should not be that hard to agree on something if everybody, including John Boehner, agrees with it. It would only make sense to not negotiate about that. If you already agree on it, then leave it out of the discussion. Even some Republicans suggested that.

But not John Boehner. He doesn’t want to agree on anything that doesn’t include a Tax Cut for the richest two percent of us. John Boehner is willing to go against what even John Boehner thinks is best for America, only to reach his own Political Goals. He is blackmailing the entire Middle Class, he Is threatening to create a disaster for our Economy, if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants.

And I can’t think of any other word for that than Treason. Everybody including Boehner thinks, knows, that the Middle Class should get a Tax Cut. They all agree it’s a disaster if that won’t happen. Yet Boehner is still willing to play games with that and use it to negotiate. There is no way that he has America’s best interest at heart. He blackmails us into a Tax Cut for the GOP sponsors, small business owners as he calls them, like the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump.

Imagine you have a disagreement with your neighbor because he doesn’t like a tree in your garden. You’re trying to come to an agreement. Then your daughter and your neighbor’s daughter are playing outside and are involved in an accident. You still have the disagreement but you do agree they both need to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible. Your neighbor is the only one who has a car. Then right at that moment, your neighbor says he will bring them to the hospital but only if you get rid of the tree. If not he will let them bleed to death.

Might be a stupid example but it’s exactly what John Boehner and the GOP are doing right now. It’s blackmail, it’s playing a political game with the American people. And I’m pretty sure it’s a crime.

In this case there is no disagreement about a Tax Cut for the Middle Class. Everybody agrees it’s the best thing to do for America. But John Boehner is only willing to do what he thinks is best for America, if he can also achieve a couple of things that are in the best interest of a couple of his friends. Boehner is willing to block what he thinks is best for America if he doesn’t get all the other things he wants.

And if you’re willing to betray your own country for your personal interests, then you commit Treason.

John Boehner belongs in Prison.

As long as the Justice system in Texas is not doing its job, Supreme Court should Stay all executions.

English: Allan B. Polunsky Unit Español: Unida...

English: Allan B. Polunsky Unit Español: Unidad Allan B. Polunsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a very important thing in a democracy to have a fair and honest Justice System. Like all systems a Justice System has its mistakes. That is unfortunate, especially in Death Penalty cases. In some cases it’s absolutely sure that a suspect is the murderer. In other cases a verdict is based on circumstantial evidence. There is no real evidence. These are the cases where the justice system often goes wrong, especially in Texas.

No State has as many executions as Texas. No State even comes close. There are two reasons for that. One is that Texas has the ‘law of parties’ which says that if you’re involved in a crime in which someone else kills a person, you are just as responsible for that as the murderer. You’re going to steal candy, you don’t even know the person who joins you has a gun, he shoots someone and you end up on Death Row. Because of this law there are more people on Death Row in Texas than in other States, because everyone involved will probably end up there.

There is another reason why Texas executes more people than other States. And that is something to worry about. There are enough cases that prove that the prosecutors and the entire Justice System in Texas are more focused on closing a case and finding someone guilty than on finding the right one guilty. There are examples where the Justice System in Texas went completely wrong and instead of a thorough investigation to make sure those mistakes will never happen again, Texas prefers to not comment on it. Circumstantial evidence is often so thin that pretty much any other Justice System would release the suspects. But not in Texas. Texas wants to execute them.

If I would have to write about everything I think is wrong with the Justice System in Texas this would be the longest blog post ever. Structural bad representation for those who never had a chance in life anyway, racial issues, there are so many things wrong that I sometimes wonder why Amnesty International hasn’t got its headquarters in Texas yet. In this post I will give a couple examples of cases that prove that Texas is not even trying to get it right.

Famous is the Cameron Todd Willingham case. For those who don’t know the case, Willingham is dead. He was executed in 2004. Convicted for the murder of his three kids by arson in 1991. A local Texas Justice guy who knew little about arson testified it was arson. Pretty much all other experts said it was not. Later, but still before the execution, arson experts were even able to disprove arson. Their report was on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s desk as he gave the green light for the execution. A couple of days after the execution the Prosecutor who got him convicted said “I know there was not that much evidence but he was a bad man, he listened to heavy metal” and he also said “I think he might have done it.” That is probably what they call “beyond reasonable doubt” in Texas.

The execution took place in an election year and with the Texas hardcore pro-Death Penalty population, Rick Perry probably didn’t want to stop it, even though he had scientific proof on his desk that Willingham didn’t do anything wrong. He was a father who lost three kids because of a fire, and now he also lost his own life because of it. A committee was installed to investigate this execution and one day before the committee was going to release their findings, Rick Perry fired the entire committee and never spoke about the case again. It’s pretty much a confession.

There are a lot of inmates on Death Row in Texas, waiting for execution. Some are guilty beyond any doubt, but there are many examples of inmates who’s guilt was never really proven. I am not saying they are all innocent but that is not the question. The question is if their guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

The Hank Skinner case might be the most famous one. Skinner spent the last 17 years on Death Row for the murder of his girlfriend and her two children. Skinner claims to be innocent. He says he was drunk from a mix of alcohol and medicine, slept on the couch while they were murdered and woke up in a crime scene. Skinner had a wound on his hand, which could be from the murder, but also from any other thing that from time to time happens to all of us. Who has never had a wound?

In the time the murder occurred there was no such thing as DNA testing but ever since there is DNA testing the Skinner Defense team has been asking for a test for more than ten years. Texas refused to test over and over again. Skinner has at one point been twenty minutes from execution, already had his last meal before the Supreme Court stayed the execution. After a long battle in court, Texas was ordered to test all the evidence. It is not a surprise that Skinner’s DNA was found on a lot of things in the house where the murders took place. He lived there. But for ten years Skinner has been claiming that certain clothes, among which a jacket with a lot of blood on it,didn’t belong to him and therefore must have had someone else’s DNA on it. And guess what?

Texas had all the evidence ready to be tested, all things of which it would be no surprise if Skinners DNA was on it because he lived in the house. But exactly those clothes, the key evidence that Skinner has claimed could prove someone else was involved, were ‘lost’ by the Texas Justice system. Skinner fought for ten years to have exactly those things tested and once a judge finally ordered that everything had to be tested, Texas could provide everything, except the things Skinner had asked for all those years.

Is that a coincidence? Is it bad luck? I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories but this is too ridiculous to believe. They never wanted to test and now they were forced to and they still had all the stuff of which it was likely to have Skinners DNA on it anyway, but the key parts, with blood on them, were all of a sudden lost. But Skinner’s fingerprints were found on the door of his own house, therefore Texas still wants to execute him.

Another case. Robert Gene Will. Sent to Death Row for the murder of a Police Officer. Rob Will and another man were caught trying to break into a car. Rob Will never had an ideal childhood, but his accomplice was the son of a Police Officer. Both were caught while committing the crime. The Police Officers Radio log suggests that Rob Will was handcuffed and In custody, ten seconds later shots were fired, the police officer died.

Even though there is zero forensic evidence, it is likely that either Rob Will or his friend was the shooter. But which one was it? It’s hard to know although if one person is handcuffed, It makes more sense that the other one would be the shooter. Rob Will claims his friend shot the police Officer, then shot a bullet through Will’s handcuffs to set him free (Will had a wound on his hand) after which they left the scene.

Even though it’s obvious that one of the two men is the murderer, there is no way to determine which one. They blame each other. No evidence for anything and although logic suggests it was the other one, there is no proof. And as I write this Rob Will is on Death Row and his accomplice is probably having a coffee at Starbucks. Remember, his accomplice was the son of a police officer and just for once, by coincidence, Texas forgot about their ridiculous law of parties which makes them both equally liable for it. A police officer was murdered by either Rob Will or by the son of another Police Officer. The son of the police officer is a free man, Rob Will is on Death Row. Justice?

There are many more case like this. Check out Darlie Routier. A woman on Death Row, convicted for murdering her own kids. The Prosecution showed the jury a video in which she was singing and dancing two weeks after the murder while she was celebrating the birthday one of the kids would have had that day. That was the key evidence in the case. She seemed to be happy. The prosecution also had other video’s on which she was repeatedly seen crying on the graveyard, but the prosecution chose not to show those video’s. Jurors would later say they had been totally misled by the Prosecution.

I can go on forever. There are too many examples, it’s impossible to mention them all.

The thing that worries me is that in most Death Penalty cases in America, there is not so much doubt if they have the right one. We can discuss if the Death Penalty is good or not, that’s a different issue. But nowhere are there so many cases with serious doubts, where the behavior of Prosecutors is so ignorant, where they don’t even try to get it right, as there are in Texas. They just don’t care.

The law of parties is a law for everyone, except for the son of a police officer. Texas refuses to do DNA testing and once forced to, they lost the most important things that had to be tested. Prosecutors have an enormous amount of videos showing very emotional footage of a mother crying over the loss of her children. They didn’t show it. They showed the three minutes they had when she wasn’t crying. Arson experts disprove arson, but it’s an election year so no one dares to stop the execution. Who cares?

A Justice System should try to get it right. Prosecutors who are not sure if a suspect is guilty should either look for more evidence or drop the case. Not try to manipulate a case and get someone convicted who may very well be innocent. A Justice System is there to do Justice. Not to find everybody guilty.

In Texas it seems to be more important to find someone guilty than to find the right one guilty. In Texas Prosecutors say, a couple days after an execution, that the inmate who was executed might have been guilty.

And as long as the entire culture of the Texas Justice System doesn’t change, the Supreme Court should automatically stay all executions that Texas wants to carry out. Because there is proof beyond reasonable doubt, that at this moment, the Texas Justice System can’t be trusted with anything.

The only chance for the GOP to survive is to get rid of the Tea Party

Now that the elections are over and ended in the landslide that could have been expected, it’s time to move on. It’s time to realize we are all American, who almost all want the best for our country.

English: Sarah Palin at the Americans for Pros...

English: Sarah Palin at the Americans for Prosperity-run Wisconsin 2011 Tax Day Tea Party Rally. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what happened yesterday might change American politics forever. Because it is very clear that if the GOP ever wants to have a Republican President in the White House again, they will need to change a lot of things first.

Political games of trying to stop people from voting all backfired. There are so many reports of Tea Party politicians who did everything they could to make sure people waiting in line couldn’t get access to simple things like water. We’ve seen robocalls organized by Tea Party activists trying to send voters to the wrong voting location. We’ve seen so many tricks that made it more difficult for certain groups to be allowed to vote and all those tricks were meant to hurt those who tend to vote Democratic. And they all backfired.

Because by trying all they could to stop people from voting, they activated the Democratic base better than any Democrat could have ever done. People got an attitude that no one was gonna take their right to vote away and the harder it got for them to vote, the longer they had to wait, the more determined they were to do it. These elections proved that voter suppression will not work any longer. It backfired. And that is a good thing. A good thing for Democrats, but also for decent Republicans. But there is more.

The Tea Party tried to take the GOP over by attacking moderate Republicans and replacing them by Tea Party candidates. All those Tea Party candidates lost yesterday. It’s probably the clearest message ever given to the Tea Party. Moderate Republicans and independent voters refuse to vote for Tea Party candidates. All their efforts, all their money, all their manipulation, it helped nothing. Their extreme ideas resulted in a landslide for the Democrats.

I just saw a Tea Party spokeswoman on TV claiming the problem has been that Romney was too moderate. And I can’t stop shaking my head. How dumb can a person be? Moderate Republicans didn’t lose yesterday, Tea extremists lost. A lot of decent Republicans don’t agree with many things the President did, but they don’t want a country based on hate, they don’t want a society in which one party tries to make sure voters from the other party won’t be allowed to vote. They want to criticize a President on the issues instead of criticizing him for the sake of criticizing. They don’t want to hear false claims about Obama’s birth certificate, they’re not bigots, They don’t want to force others to live by their religious rules, they want freedom for all, not for some. It’s those Republicans that still are the majority, but they have been awfully quiet while extremists took their party over. And they better hurry up taking it back, because if they don’t act real soon, they might be too late.

The electorate is changing. More and more people, especially from minority groups, who used to stay home on Election day, start turning up to vote. More and more see and believe that their vote actually does matter. America doesn’t change, the difference is that the group of people who actually vote becomes more and more representative for what America actually is.

It has been said a lot. If everybody would vote in her or his best interest, the GOP wouldn’t have had a President in the last decades. It used to be the case that some were so uninformed that they voted against their own interest, but more important, a lot of people didn’t vote for their own interest, because they didn’t vote at all.

That seems to be history. More and more young people, women and minorities show up on election day and while writing it I wonder why we still call it the minority vote. It’s the American vote, the only difference is that more and more Americans join the Democratic process.

And that is something to worry about for Republicans, who didn’t even try to get those groups to vote for them. The time that white middle aged men decided what happened in our country is over. We all decide now. We all have access to a lot of information now, we can all check the facts ourselves, and as it looks, we all want to vote.

And that America, in which we are all equal is the reason why some people gathered in the Tea Party. They will never say it, but they don’t want that kind of America. They want an America where men are working and women are at home, taking care of the kids. They will not admit it but they have a feeling that it’s not good that minorities can decide who is President and who is not. They obviously hate gays and people who don’t share their interpretation of a religion. And you’re only entitled to freedom if your interpretation of freedom is exactly the same as theirs. And there is no negotiation about anything. Either you’re with them, or you’re not a Patriot.

The elections showed us that the Tea Party in fact is the minority. Most people don’t want to have anything to do with them. And that will only get worse.  More and more people who want to live a life that the Tea Party disapproves of, will come out and vote. More and more new voters will join the Democratic process and almost none of them will agree with Tea Party values. And that’s a big problem for the GOP.

While the electorate will get more and more moderate, you don’t want to get more and more extreme. And even though President Obama did a great job the last four years, the decent GOP would have had a good chance to beat him. But not this GOP, because they don’t relate to the average voter.

This has been Romney’s problem. He had to go so far to the right to satisfy Tea extremists who paid his campaign, that normal people didn’t want to vote for him. Republicans lost Senate seats and in almost all cases because Tea candidates lost their campaigns. They may relate to 10% of the people, but the other 90% from left to decent right, are out of reach for them. A moderate Republican has way more in common with Obama than with Bachmann.

If the GOP wants to survive they will have to relate to the new electorate. People from all races, from all religions, who all want to live a good and happy life without a bunch of zealots telling them what they can and can’t do. And relating to that new electorate is impossible as long as those who hate that new electorate are the ones who pay your campaign.

Politicians always say they are not afraid to make big choices. And this is one the GOP needs to make. Either they continue to obey the Tea Party and by doing so, accept that their role will be minimalized to some red States or throw the extremists out, return to humanity and to the way the GOP used to be.

It’s up to the GOP whether they want to have a future or whether they prefer to continue their hate till the end. And in that case the end will probably come sooner than later.

This election is not only about the Economy but also about Human Dignity

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

It’s unbelievable that the race for the Presidency is as close as it seems to be. And even though I expect Obama to win it by more than a small margin, it should have been a sure thing by now.

Obama started as President in a country that was totally messed up, more than it has been in the last seven decades. He took care of the mess, invested in new programs like ObamaCare, gave the Middle Class important Tax Cuts, saved important industries, took care of wars we shouldn’t be in, killed Bin Laden and now after four years we have a growing Economy and a falling unemployment number.

President Obama’s first term is nothing else than a big success and that should be the first reason to let him finish his job.

But there is second, and maybe even more important reason to not let the current GOP take this country over. It is for the sake of dignity that we shouldn’t allow that to happen.

People can have different opinions on economic issues. Should Obama have done a better job or not? Of course the Republicans say yes, of course the Democrats say no. And those differences are all ok. We don’t have to agree on things like that, I think it’s even a good thing that there are different opinions on those issues. But the biggest difference between the Democrats and the current GOP is something else.

Ever since the Tea Party was founded, based on morals, decency and dignity, all morals, decency and dignity seems to have left the GOP. Lately it happens every day that some Republican yells something so stupid that you wonder if he or she really said that. It happens so often that we’re almost not even shocked by it anymore. I don’t even know where to begin.

Should I begin with the birther issue? No President ever was asked for a birth certificate, but the first black President can show it ten times and they still won’t stop. Or should I start about the latest Donald Trump scam, arrogant as he is, offering five million dollars for college records? Without any respect, he has been stalking the President with lies for years now, and instead of apologizing, he now wants to buy our President. And the GOP is silent and accepts, sometimes even cheers it.

Or should I start with a GOP Senator, who says you can’t get pregnant from rape, suggesting that every woman who is pregnant after rape is lying about it? Or another GOP Senator, who claims that if you are a rape victim it was God’s will?

Or should I start with another GOP prominent who can’t imagine a reason to vote for President Obama, other than race. So if one of our biggest heroes, Colin Powell, endorses Obama, it must be because of the color of his skin. So ignorant and so insulting. And the GOP is quiet!

And these are just a couple of examples. Tea Party members like Michele Bachmann openly suggest that a person that looks like an Arabian could very well be a terrorist, Sarah Palin is ignorant on a daily basis. If I want to give all the examples I have got, this would be the longest blog post in history.

And while this all happens, the decent part of the GOP is silent. As silent as they’ve ever been. John McCain almost joins the disgusting part of his party, while the man used to be the perfect example of a good Republican. Rudy Giuliani, a very decent man, is also quiet just like all the other moderates.

Republicans seem to be in a contest of who has the most extremist stances. If one Republican says something ridiculous, the next one feels the need to want to beat him and go even further. We have to judge things for what they are. There is no decent GOP anymore. At least not now. The GOP is not what it used to be. They lost all dignity.

A vote for the current GOP is a vote for the party that says your daughter didn’t get pregnant from rape. She must have enjoyed it. And if your wife gets raped it was Gods will. If you see someone from Arabian descent, it is probably a terrorist and you can only back the President because he is black.

That is what you’re voting for if you vote for the GOP in this election, because that is all we hear. And while the extremists take over, no one steps up. There are not just a few extremists, there’s a whole bunch of them. The decent ones in the GOP are the minority by now.

There are many good reasons to vote for Obama. But in my view there are also many good reasons to refuse to vote for the GOP, even if you are a Republican, even if you agree with their stances on economic or foreign policy issues.

I believe that most people are not pure evil. I believe that most people don’t want to live in a world where a couple of 60 year old white men are telling your daughter that she wasn’t raped. I believe that most people are not racist, and don’t want race or religion to divide us.

And if any of that is the case, then it’s simple. Either you vote against your morals and support those you might agree with on economic issues but who will change America into a hateful country where bigotry rules.

Or you refuse to join them, you refuse to go along with a country based on hate. You refuse to live in a place where they treat rape victims as criminals, and American heroes like Colin Powell as idiots.

This election is not only between Republicans and Democrats, it is between hate and human dignity, it’s between the lowest morals we’ve seen in a century versus a decent society.

And the choice should be easy. Even if you used to vote Republican.