Questions for Snowden, Manning and Greenwald supporters

At the moment there are two groups attacking our President because of the NSA issue. On one side we have Conservatives who started worrying about no matter what from the moment we had a black President on. They are not sincere, I don’t care what they think.

On the other side there is a mostly left leaning group of people that is so focused on transparency that they, as far as I’m concerned, forget to check how transparent their so called whistleblowers themselves are. I believe a lot of people in this group are sincere, that’s why, like others, I ask them a lot of questions, which so far remain unanswered. Often the answer is a returned question or an answer to a question I didn’t ask. It also happens a lot that people just act as if you never asked anything. Also, and this is an update, they start yelling that you don’t get it, but still they can’t answer anything.

Because sincere people should at least try to get it right, maybe there will be someone who can answer them here. They’re about Bradley Manning, Edward. Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Here I go.

1: Bradley Manning leaked a video in which unarmed people were shot. I understand that he did that because that was just wrong. The problem is he also leaked 100.000’s documents that he never even read himself. How exactly are you a whistleblower if you don’t even know what you’re warning people for?

2: The first document he leaked was about a bank deal between Iceland and the UK. Why was it so urgent and crucial to let the American people know about that deal? Just like in many other documents, America wasn’t even involved.

3: How responsible is it exactly to leak secret documents if you don’t even know what’s in them? Even if he didn’t put lives at risk he could have. He didn’t know what he was leaking.

4: Edward Snowden did know what he was leaking, although not much of it was actually new. The NSA checks a lot of things, it’s actually their job. Knowing that he could get in trouble he fled and back then meant to ask for asylum in Ecuador. Which travel agency told Snowden that the fastest way to go from North to South America was via China and Russia?

5: There are more than 200 countries in the world, why did Snowden have to pick our No. 1 and No. 2 cyber enemies to flee to if there were no anti-American ideas involved?

6: How is it patriotic to warn countries that are far worse than America is, for your own country?

7: How on earth can you claim to fight for civil rights and ask a former spy who is President of a country without any civil rights for help?

8: Anyone noticed how Glenn Greenwald’s career got an enormous boost while Snowden is screwed for life?

9: Since when is investigative journalism the same as publishing stolen documents?

10: Do you know what kind of people can’t stop coming up with conspiracies to attack President Obama? Conservative Tea Party members. As I write this several countries close their embassies in the Middle East because of terrorist threats. Greenwald calls the threats a false flag by Obama to make us feel that terrorism is real and we need the NSA to protect us. Do you believe Obama is lying?

11: If you don’t believe Obama is lying, then Greenwald is trying to scare you off by warning you for the evil Government. Isn’t that exactly what the Tea Party does?

12: Greenwald criticizes America and ignores what happens in Russia and China. Do you agree with him that if you look at the world the way it is, it’s appropriate to attack Obama 24/7 and praise Russia’s Putin as the protector of civil rights?

If transparency is what you want and if truth is what you’re looking for then it must not be too hard to give the answers.


5 Responses to Questions for Snowden, Manning and Greenwald supporters

  1. No need to know says:

    I can answer question number two but I would have to get a lawyer because of the confidential agreement I signed. Let’s just say it’s a global economy and capital isn’t limited by borders.

  2. jtbv says:

    Great article, considering you ask these questions, I think you may be interested in reading my blogpost called “bradley manning promotes war”

  3. jtbv says:

    Question number 5: there were some latin american countries willing to take him in but he was afraid that the plane that had to take him there would be grounded by the US.

  4. Aj b33m3R says:

    I’ve had a look around your blog and on many things we think alike and we are both Rangers/Jets fans so please don’t take any offense to what will say here for that is not my intent…

    Lets start by saying that we have far too many “secrets” for a country that is supposed to be of the people and the rest of that jazz. The reason we have so many secrets is we are a country of the corporation, by the corporation etc. and so on. Corporations don’t give a rat’s arse about our flag or any other dated patriotic mumbo jumbo or the troops fighting for their profits overseas.

    As far as the Iceland bank question, it’s a straw-man argument and does nothing to deter the fact that much of what Manning released exposed the lies we’ve been force fed by The Powers That Be. Like the actual number of civilian casualties and what exactly our diplomats were lying to their foreign counterparts about. Manning processed much paperwork in his position and you don’t have to read everything verbatim to get the gist of what is going on. I also believe he released under the premise that the persons he released it to would look for the pertinent information to be exposed. And when you’re trying to do something in secret while in a room full of your peers ready to shoot you in the back, you tend to not be too picky about what files your trying to copy off their hard drives…

    As far as 3, coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’. You can’t deal in What Ifs, this isn’t Marvel comics. The reality is none of what he leaked put anyone in harms way.

    4) It is not their job to blanket spy on every American. It is unconstitutional to spy on American citizens without reasonable suspicion. What the NSA doing is wrong, and exactly the type of thing we once demonized the Russians for.

    I doubt Snowden traveled via travel agency. He was probably already being hunted. It would have been nice if he had stayed to take his licks but this isn’t the land of the free anymore, American citizens don’t always get a fair trial and drones have a tendency to be quite ignorant of the constitution and silly things like human rights these days. Look at what happened to Michael Hastings.

    5) Snowden is a libertarian (for the record, I can’t stand libertarians) so it is quite possible he has anti-American ideas, or maybe he just doesn’t like the NSA blanket pulling everyone’s information and acting like the antagonist in some dystopian Sci-Fi novel.

    6) Maybe Russia jumped in to get the party started, but you’re a fool or willfully ignorant if you think that Russia and China didn’t already know what Snowden had. Their hackers could spin circles around ours any day of the week. A majority of the general public had no idea about the extent to which they are being looked at. And ultimately, getting the message to the average US citizen was the priority.

    7) You simply deal with the hand you are dealt in that situation. He’s safer in Russia than he is here and no one else was offering. Again, look at what happened to Michael Hastings.

    8) A journalist does his job in an age when all media is owned by the same 6 corporations who blast the airwaves with cheap marketing psychological slight of hand and are full of “reporters” (who are really failed B-movie actors) that simply toe the corporate line and you’re surprised the disenfranchised masses pay attention to him?

    9) He stole it and I offered my phone records up willingly?

    Since when did we go from being a nation of rabble rousers who threw a multi-national corporation’s property into the Boston Harbor to a nation of corporate worshiping sycophants that never question authority?

    Snowden saw something wrong and he did the right thing. The corporation he is working for is using a drummed up version of eminent domain to steal my phone records and getting paid with my tax dollars to do it.

    If the corporation he worked for had an ounce of American scruples to begin with they wouldn’t have accepted the contract. But corporations don’t have to have scruples all they need to have is ambition and profits to justify their means and ends.

    12) Russia and China aren’t banging on their chests and claiming to be the “RIGHTEOUS” warrior policeman of the world who take care of their citizenry in ways we can only dream of. We are, if we are going to talk about the high road we need to start walking that path to the mountaintop.

    As I stated before I’ve spent a majority of the evening browsing your blog and find I agree with much of what you say, if not all (right up to almost liking Bush Senior… almost!) But this NSA stuff and still being 100% behind Bush Jr. 1.2 and not understanding why some of us are frustrated with him? Ugh, I believe you’re more reasonable than that.

    I voted for hope and change. I got none of either. In the end Obama is Bush 1.2, the history books will show him as far right of Reagan.He is little more than another corporate tool. He’s done nothing but implement a watered down version of a much needed overhaul of our health care system. He’s surrounded himself with Wall $t tools who’s goal it is to completely wipe out the working class and lower middle class. And now he wants to put Summers in the fed, one of the very men who caused the stock market crash.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person that read 1984 and understood the message.

    It pains me that I have to keep pointing this out to people, this is not the “freely elected” government spying on us. This is private corporations spying on us. And remember, corporations are people, that is–they have people working for them.

    Some guy on Huff Post proffered the argument that I have something to hide, else I’d have no problem with what the NSA is doing. His screen name was ‘idancewithtools’ while mine is AJ Beamish. You do the math.

    So who is ‘idancewithtools’ so afraid of that he can’t run around trolling the internet with his real name? I’ll help you out here, people, people without scruples. The very same people that make up most of the corporations out there. The very same corporations that get government contracts.

    And please don’t give me that hogwash about “you put your information on Facebook anyway.” Before internet forums, people wrote letters to newspapers and magazines with their rants. Before Facebook there were personals, conventions with credit card trails, CB Radio. Our information has always been out there. The only part of the paradigm that has changed (thanks to technology) is how easy it is to gather that information. Fifty years ago it would cost the government resources, manpower and lots of time to hunt down the information. This translated into a f%$kton of money so they tended to only do it when they had reason to. You know? Probable cause. Reasonable search and seizure. Innocent until proven guilty.

    I’m sorry, my friend, your questions target the trees, but they don’t see the forest.

    • missusa says:

      Oh, thank u, thank u, thank u for ur reply to all those ridiculous questions!! I think it’s absolutely disgraceful how Snowden and Manning have been treated and portrayed in the media! They should have been called heroes for exposing the lies and the illegal actions our “democratic” govt. has been committing against it’s citizens and allies! I would like to point out a very good example of how unjustly Snowden could expect to be treated if he had remained in the US by calling attention to how Manning has been treated and the harsh sentence she received. How long has she been kept in solitary confinement now, cut off from contact with family or friends, not allowed phone calls or reading material, forced to sleep under bright lights and not allowed to cover her face or head and then punished with more time in solitary confinement for a failed suicide attempt! She’s being tortured for exposing horrible acts committed by our amazing, democratic, luckiest country on earth, and we should be so grateful for being born here, land of the free, home of the brave, equality and justice for all, United States of America! I’m ashamed to be American these days and I never ever dreamed of feeling this way!

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