Questions for Snowden, Manning and Greenwald supporters

At the moment there are two groups attacking our President because of the NSA issue. On one side we have Conservatives who started worrying about no matter what from the moment we had a black President on. They are not sincere, I don’t care what they think.

On the other side there is a mostly left leaning group of people that is so focused on transparency that they, as far as I’m concerned, forget to check how transparent their so called whistleblowers themselves are. I believe a lot of people in this group are sincere, that’s why, like others, I ask them a lot of questions, which so far remain unanswered. Often the answer is a returned question or an answer to a question I didn’t ask. It also happens a lot that people just act as if you never asked anything. Also, and this is an update, they start yelling that you don’t get it, but still they can’t answer anything.

Because sincere people should at least try to get it right, maybe there will be someone who can answer them here. They’re about Bradley Manning, Edward. Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Here I go.

1: Bradley Manning leaked a video in which unarmed people were shot. I understand that he did that because that was just wrong. The problem is he also leaked 100.000’s documents that he never even read himself. How exactly are you a whistleblower if you don’t even know what you’re warning people for?

2: The first document he leaked was about a bank deal between Iceland and the UK. Why was it so urgent and crucial to let the American people know about that deal? Just like in many other documents, America wasn’t even involved.

3: How responsible is it exactly to leak secret documents if you don’t even know what’s in them? Even if he didn’t put lives at risk he could have. He didn’t know what he was leaking.

4: Edward Snowden did know what he was leaking, although not much of it was actually new. The NSA checks a lot of things, it’s actually their job. Knowing that he could get in trouble he fled and back then meant to ask for asylum in Ecuador. Which travel agency told Snowden that the fastest way to go from North to South America was via China and Russia?

5: There are more than 200 countries in the world, why did Snowden have to pick our No. 1 and No. 2 cyber enemies to flee to if there were no anti-American ideas involved?

6: How is it patriotic to warn countries that are far worse than America is, for your own country?

7: How on earth can you claim to fight for civil rights and ask a former spy who is President of a country without any civil rights for help?

8: Anyone noticed how Glenn Greenwald’s career got an enormous boost while Snowden is screwed for life?

9: Since when is investigative journalism the same as publishing stolen documents?

10: Do you know what kind of people can’t stop coming up with conspiracies to attack President Obama? Conservative Tea Party members. As I write this several countries close their embassies in the Middle East because of terrorist threats. Greenwald calls the threats a false flag by Obama to make us feel that terrorism is real and we need the NSA to protect us. Do you believe Obama is lying?

11: If you don’t believe Obama is lying, then Greenwald is trying to scare you off by warning you for the evil Government. Isn’t that exactly what the Tea Party does?

12: Greenwald criticizes America and ignores what happens in Russia and China. Do you agree with him that if you look at the world the way it is, it’s appropriate to attack Obama 24/7 and praise Russia’s Putin as the protector of civil rights?

If transparency is what you want and if truth is what you’re looking for then it must not be too hard to give the answers.