This is why most George Zimmerman supporters are bigots.

A white kid walks on the street. A black man sees him and for some reason seems to think that it’s strange that a white kid walks on the street. The black man calls 911 and is ordered to stop following him. The black man continues to follow him anyway, ends up in a fight and kills the white kid.

What are the chances that a mostly white conservative group of people would start fundraising to help the black man? What are the odds that white conservatives will start digging in the murdered white kids past and use all the imagination possible to focus on other things than his death?

The answer is zero. There is no chance that that would happen and conservatives can yell all they want, but if they’re honest they’ll admit it.

It’s almost two years ago that Troy Davis was executed. A black man, convicted for killing a white cop. Several members of the jury later stated they had been misled during the trial, witnesses confessed that they were forced to say things they actually never saw. Davis was likely innocent, but executed anyway. The same conservatives who now use all their imagination to come up with excuses to defend Zimmerman, didn’t even want to discuss the case back then. All they yelled was: ‘fry the cop killer.’

I know that Zimmerman isn’t a hundred percent white, but that doesn’t change the fact that Trayvon Martin was black. I’m not going to discuss the case itself, it’s pretty clear as far as I’m concerned but we have the worst Justice System in the civilized world. We can only wait to see if they’ll get it right this time.

What is disturbing is the -never seen before- outrage on social media. Conservatives who never ever before cared for even one second about any case, are defending Zimmerman as if they’re all his best friend. There are so many Death Row inmates who have been found guilty in very disturbing cases with almost no evidence. They never got any help or any support. And if you stand up for them, conservatives will refuse to even look at the case, to even check for actual guilt. All they’ll do is yell that you support criminals and that they should be executed.

Never before did they care about anything but guess when –all of a sudden- they started caring?

When a black kid, armed with Skittles was killed by an adult who was armed with a loaded gun. Of all the cases in history, they picked this one to start caring. Not a case when jurors in a trial stated they had been misled and claimed Troy Davis was likely innocent.  Not one of many other cases where there is serious doubt. No, of all cases they picked this one.

This is not about standing your ground or anything else. This is only about race.

As I write this, Nelson Mandela is fighting for his life. And when he dies the same ones who started defending a suspect once they found out his victim was black, will yell RIP Nelson Mandela.

I wish they knew who Mandela actually was.


4 Responses to This is why most George Zimmerman supporters are bigots.

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  2. William J Urmson says:

    This music video tells why Trayvon Martin is dead~

  3. p-ro says:

    I am very disturbed by this case. What it is setting up is the right to shoot people that you don’t care for. I find no innocence with Zimmerman. He didn’t witness a crime that he felt the police weren’t doing enough to stop. He called the police and was told to stand down. He had no reason to get out of his car. He confronted a kid that felt he needed to defend himself and was killed for it. Makes me sick that a group of gun owning americans want to make it legal to shoot innocent people. This is driving to an armed society of shoot first, ask questions later.

  4. I just did a blog post on George last week as it seems he got off again of being charged with Domestic Violence. Reports said he had 5 guns in his car, one on him during a dispute at his girlfriends home he was staying at. They had a fight and she called 911. Now she has retracted her claims and allegations. WTF? George is the luckiest man alive…….Great Post!
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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