Michele Bachmann and her Tea Party friends are extremely dumb but dangerous nonetheless

We first heard from them a couple of years ago. Most Americans were sick and tired of the Bush administration and elected our first black President. All of a sudden there was hope. We had a President who cared about us all, not just about the elite. Unacceptable for Conservative Republicans who answered by founding the Tea Party.

Bachmann "CRAZE"

Bachmann “CRAZE” (Photo credit: Mr_CRO)

The first Tea Party member who grabbed the microphone to talk about her morals and values was Michele Bachmann, who started a whole new tradition of making stuff up and promoting the idea that Obama was an anti-American. From that moment on politicians, especially Conservative Christian Tea Party members, yell anything they want, without backing it up.

And that is pretty much what they have been doing ever since. Rick Santorum made up a story about how the elderly in liberal countries were afraid to be euthanized by their doctor and therefore refused to go to the hospital. He said that this was how America would end up if we reelected Obama. Not true of course. Conservative Christian organizations in the countries he mentioned had to admit never to have heard such a story. Santorum backed his claim up with no examples, but he was talking to older people, who were crying anyway because their President tried to kill them. A couple in the audience even cancelled a trip to Europe out of fear of what could happen there.

It’s hard to believe that people are dumb and uninformed enough to believe everything they hear, but unfortunately it’s true. Many Tea Party supporters only watch Fox, where telling the truth and fact checking can have severe consequences. Many Conservative Christians are so naive that they believe that people like Bachmann and Santorum are sincere Christians who therefore will always tell the truth.

No one who has ever been in Congress has been caught lying more often than Michele Bachmann, famous for thinking that Libya is in Europe and therefore a problem that should be dealt with by European countries. Michele Bachmann is so uninformed, it’s a disgrace for any country to have a politician like her. But that does not mean that she is not dangerous.

I used to think that uninformed people couldn’t be very dangerous but I was wrong. The danger is not that anyone who had a little bit of education will listen to her. No matter Democrats, independents, moderate Republicans or libertarians, they all laugh at her. The problem is that those who listen to her are not informed at all. They never read a newspaper and if they watch the news, they watch Fox and remain uninformed.

Spreading fear, and nothing else, is what energizes the Tea Party base. At CPAC last week the biggest lies got the loudest applause. Michele Bachmann made up a story that Obama hired a dog walker because he was too lazy to do it himself, thereby proving that spending was the problem. And yesterday, Michele Bachmann said that ObamaCare kills people.

We all know Obama didn’t hire a dog walker. Bachmann was lying again. But the CPAC people are still angry because of it. ObamaCare doesn’t kill people but Bachmann has uninformed people worrying about it anyway. And these are innocent examples. But what about telling people that Obama killed four Americans in Benghazi? They actually believe it. What about comparing Obama to Hitler? What about calling our President anti-American? What about calling a completely decent and innocent girl from Arabian descent, a spy for a moslem terrorist organization? All lies, none of it is true, but the uninformed Tea audience believes it. They are convinced that this President and his administration work for the enemy and no one tells them that it’s a lie.

And that is a dangerous situation. It is meant to create hate and it does. In Politics, in social media, you see it everywhere. All of it is based on lies and almost all those lies are told by Conservative Christian Tea Party members. It is dangerous. Because what if a Bachmann fan actually believes Obama works for the enemy and in an ultimate attempt to ‘save’ his country, tries to hurt our President? What if other people who are called enemies, will be attacked?

The support for the Tea Party is shrinking. The more extreme they get, the more decent Republicans will leave. But even if there are not many left, you only need one idiot who is naive enough to believe all those lies, to potentially cause a huge drama.

We as a country are going in the right direction, but racism, bigotry and the endless lies of Tea Party Politicians are very dangerous. Not because they will ever get a majority, but because dumb people believe them. By now our society is filled with hate and it’s time to stop that. That is why I think our focus as human beings, but also the focus of the Democrats as a party, should be to get rid of fear spreading Tea people like Michele Bachmann.

The Tea Party may be good for Democrats, because as long as they are around, there will never be a Republican President again. But it is too easy to call it a Republican problem. The constant lying and fear mongering is poison to our society. It’s also our problem. To end their hate, all we have to do is unseat them. Once that happens their sponsors will leave and instead of hearing them every day, Tea Politicians will disappear from the scene.

Bachmann almost lost the elections to Jim Graves, even though she had a much bigger budget. I am convinced that with more help from the Democrats, people like Bachmann can actually be unseated. There are more sane than insane people and I am convinced that with enough budget and good candidates, Democrats can unseat the biggest haters. No way that Bachmann will ever win an election again if we make sure the majority of the voters are informed about who she actually is.

Call me optimistic but our biggest worry should not be who will be President in 2016. Demographics and a heavily divided GOP will make sure it will be a Democrat anyway. Our focus should be on districts where Democrats are running against Tea Party candidates. Many of us don’t seem to realize that in most cases, beating a Tea Party candidate is easier than beating a moderate Republican.

If we focus on the right things this can be a win-win situation. We can win seats, take back the House, exterminate the Tea Party and end their hate. And for the sake of dignity, I suggest that we start with unseating the dumbest Politician our Nation has ever had: National disgrace Michele Bachmann.


One Response to Michele Bachmann and her Tea Party friends are extremely dumb but dangerous nonetheless

  1. Ali A. Olomi says:

    Bachmann is a hate-filled fear mongering ignorant politician. What is terrifying is that she keeps getting re-elected meaning that there is definitely an audience for her crazy accusations. She is definitely a disgrace to our country and she’s absolutely ignorant. I hope we see the last of her with the next elections.

    Ali Olomi, UCLA

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