The Fiscal Cliff war: John Boehner belongs in Prison.

The Fiscal Cliff discussion is probably the most pathetic discussion I think we’ve ever had in American Politics.

John Boehner - Caricature

John Boehner – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

It is also the ultimate proof that the current GOP learned nothing from the Elections. Approval rating for Congress is lower than it has ever been. People are sick and tired of Political games but the game show host, John Boehner, won’t stop playing.

There are a lot of issues that divide America. But this is a Political war about something while a hundred percent of us agree on what’s the best solution. Democrats, Republicans, the most Conservative Tea Party members, every single person wants a Tax Cut for the Middle Class. No exception. Everybody.

It should not be that hard to agree on something if everybody, including John Boehner, agrees with it. It would only make sense to not negotiate about that. If you already agree on it, then leave it out of the discussion. Even some Republicans suggested that.

But not John Boehner. He doesn’t want to agree on anything that doesn’t include a Tax Cut for the richest two percent of us. John Boehner is willing to go against what even John Boehner thinks is best for America, only to reach his own Political Goals. He is blackmailing the entire Middle Class, he Is threatening to create a disaster for our Economy, if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants.

And I can’t think of any other word for that than Treason. Everybody including Boehner thinks, knows, that the Middle Class should get a Tax Cut. They all agree it’s a disaster if that won’t happen. Yet Boehner is still willing to play games with that and use it to negotiate. There is no way that he has America’s best interest at heart. He blackmails us into a Tax Cut for the GOP sponsors, small business owners as he calls them, like the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump.

Imagine you have a disagreement with your neighbor because he doesn’t like a tree in your garden. You’re trying to come to an agreement. Then your daughter and your neighbor’s daughter are playing outside and are involved in an accident. You still have the disagreement but you do agree they both need to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible. Your neighbor is the only one who has a car. Then right at that moment, your neighbor says he will bring them to the hospital but only if you get rid of the tree. If not he will let them bleed to death.

Might be a stupid example but it’s exactly what John Boehner and the GOP are doing right now. It’s blackmail, it’s playing a political game with the American people. And I’m pretty sure it’s a crime.

In this case there is no disagreement about a Tax Cut for the Middle Class. Everybody agrees it’s the best thing to do for America. But John Boehner is only willing to do what he thinks is best for America, if he can also achieve a couple of things that are in the best interest of a couple of his friends. Boehner is willing to block what he thinks is best for America if he doesn’t get all the other things he wants.

And if you’re willing to betray your own country for your personal interests, then you commit Treason.

John Boehner belongs in Prison.


2 Responses to The Fiscal Cliff war: John Boehner belongs in Prison.

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  2. Sally says:

    Love your line, “if you are willing to betray your country for personal interests, then you commit Treason.” John Boehner is not the first, the last, or the only politician to commit treason. And we have a lot of politicians from both parties that have sold America out — and with it the American Dream. The great thing about America was that we had freedom to express our ideas, to choose our own religion or un-religion without government telling us that we had to be Catholic or Muslim, or Protestant, or Hindu, or atheist or follow any particular faith. We had the right to pursue our dreams. America has always been a country where anyone, from a poor country hick to a penniless immigrant, could go from rags to riches. I believe that that America is dead and it is our liberalism, our self-centered, sick, selfish society that is to blame. It is not one man and it is not one party. And if you think the white house is above selling out America for personal gain, friend, you need to look again. We have bi-partisian politics allright – there are more than a few Democrats and Republicans alike working together to get whatever they can at the expense of the average, middle class taxpayer. They work together daily to make us slaves. A President who takes outlandishly expensive vacations at the taxpayers expense, isn’t working for your best interests. A government that gives 1.2 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is not working for its citizens. Real leaders, certainly ones as wealthy as Obama (1.8 million per year -$395,188 as President and 1.3 million from other sources) and Boehner ($230,000 per year) and their Washington cronies, at a time such as this when the country is fiscally and morally bankrupt, should stand up and serve without taking anything from the people. Surely they could afford to take a vacation without making us, the taxpayers, pay for it. Surely they could volunteer to serve the people a month or for that matter for a year without pay. Ever read Animal Farm? We the people are Boxer and Washington is full of pigs. Whatever happened to JFK’s famous line, penned by Ted Sorenson (A Democrat) I believe, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country?”

    Please don’t take this as some uneducated, ignorant conservative being mean. America dies if well meaning, hard working Democratic people don’t wake up and see the reality of the situation. This isn’t about Democrat or Republican. This isn’t about conservatism vs. liberalism. This isn’t about black vs. white. This is about saving the American dream. This is about keeping America as the land of opportunity. This is about you having the freedom to voice your opinions without fear of persecution. This is about you having the right to say bad things about our leaders, publically, without fear of retribution. This is about the freedom to declare that there is a moral right, such as telling the truth, or a moral wrong, such as lying or stealing. It is about the right for citizens to peacefully assemble and protest when the government tries to rewrite the constitution or take away our rights.

    Obama is just as guilty of refusing to take the girls to the hospital as Boehner is. I understand where you are coming from, because I was born and raised a Democrat and I have spent most of my life believing that the Democratic party stood for the middle class. But as I look through the lens of history, I see that all mankind is the same. Each one, doesn’t matter which party, only does what is best for his or her own personal gain. Which is largely how I came to be a conservative American.

    With that said, the human super-conscious has an uncanny ability to confess … to leave public clues as to the real thoughts and desires of the leaders making public statements. We have a lot of leaders on the left who believe America is an evil, imperialistic sycophant and they desire to wipe her out. Look at foreign policy. Look at the laws that are being passed restricting our freedoms. Listen to the vague promises. Obama never said he wouldn’t tax the hell out of the middle class. He said he would tax the rich, but he never said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. Listen carefully. We have people in Washington that honestly feel that they are smarter than you, that government owns your property and that they have the right to take it from you any time they want to. These same leaders believe it is okay to lie to the American public because the end justifies the means. In the business world, we would call that fraud.

    I am not saying that all government welfare programs are bad. We have all benefited from government’s redistribution programs … in times of natural disaster, or the building of great public works, in helping the disabled or downtrodden. A society should help its unfortunate. But how does it work that those of us who make between $40,000 and $80,000 per year support politicans who make $230,000 or $395,000 per year, paying them to protect our country and the best interests of our citizens and they then turn around lie to us and sign treaties with the United Nations giving foreign powers the right to dictate laws, tax American citizens and limit our freedoms … how is that politican not a traitor?

    And by the way, who created this fiscal cliff? It was our spend and tax government. This country (world) is such a freaking mess that our only hope is in God because we obviously can’t trust our politicians to straighten this out.

    Supposedly, we the people, empower our government. It is time to reclaim America. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Gentlemen, we must all hang together or assuredly we all hang separately.”

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