The only chance for the GOP to survive is to get rid of the Tea Party

Now that the elections are over and ended in the landslide that could have been expected, it’s time to move on. It’s time to realize we are all American, who almost all want the best for our country.

English: Sarah Palin at the Americans for Pros...

English: Sarah Palin at the Americans for Prosperity-run Wisconsin 2011 Tax Day Tea Party Rally. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what happened yesterday might change American politics forever. Because it is very clear that if the GOP ever wants to have a Republican President in the White House again, they will need to change a lot of things first.

Political games of trying to stop people from voting all backfired. There are so many reports of Tea Party politicians who did everything they could to make sure people waiting in line couldn’t get access to simple things like water. We’ve seen robocalls organized by Tea Party activists trying to send voters to the wrong voting location. We’ve seen so many tricks that made it more difficult for certain groups to be allowed to vote and all those tricks were meant to hurt those who tend to vote Democratic. And they all backfired.

Because by trying all they could to stop people from voting, they activated the Democratic base better than any Democrat could have ever done. People got an attitude that no one was gonna take their right to vote away and the harder it got for them to vote, the longer they had to wait, the more determined they were to do it. These elections proved that voter suppression will not work any longer. It backfired. And that is a good thing. A good thing for Democrats, but also for decent Republicans. But there is more.

The Tea Party tried to take the GOP over by attacking moderate Republicans and replacing them by Tea Party candidates. All those Tea Party candidates lost yesterday. It’s probably the clearest message ever given to the Tea Party. Moderate Republicans and independent voters refuse to vote for Tea Party candidates. All their efforts, all their money, all their manipulation, it helped nothing. Their extreme ideas resulted in a landslide for the Democrats.

I just saw a Tea Party spokeswoman on TV claiming the problem has been that Romney was too moderate. And I can’t stop shaking my head. How dumb can a person be? Moderate Republicans didn’t lose yesterday, Tea extremists lost. A lot of decent Republicans don’t agree with many things the President did, but they don’t want a country based on hate, they don’t want a society in which one party tries to make sure voters from the other party won’t be allowed to vote. They want to criticize a President on the issues instead of criticizing him for the sake of criticizing. They don’t want to hear false claims about Obama’s birth certificate, they’re not bigots, They don’t want to force others to live by their religious rules, they want freedom for all, not for some. It’s those Republicans that still are the majority, but they have been awfully quiet while extremists took their party over. And they better hurry up taking it back, because if they don’t act real soon, they might be too late.

The electorate is changing. More and more people, especially from minority groups, who used to stay home on Election day, start turning up to vote. More and more see and believe that their vote actually does matter. America doesn’t change, the difference is that the group of people who actually vote becomes more and more representative for what America actually is.

It has been said a lot. If everybody would vote in her or his best interest, the GOP wouldn’t have had a President in the last decades. It used to be the case that some were so uninformed that they voted against their own interest, but more important, a lot of people didn’t vote for their own interest, because they didn’t vote at all.

That seems to be history. More and more young people, women and minorities show up on election day and while writing it I wonder why we still call it the minority vote. It’s the American vote, the only difference is that more and more Americans join the Democratic process.

And that is something to worry about for Republicans, who didn’t even try to get those groups to vote for them. The time that white middle aged men decided what happened in our country is over. We all decide now. We all have access to a lot of information now, we can all check the facts ourselves, and as it looks, we all want to vote.

And that America, in which we are all equal is the reason why some people gathered in the Tea Party. They will never say it, but they don’t want that kind of America. They want an America where men are working and women are at home, taking care of the kids. They will not admit it but they have a feeling that it’s not good that minorities can decide who is President and who is not. They obviously hate gays and people who don’t share their interpretation of a religion. And you’re only entitled to freedom if your interpretation of freedom is exactly the same as theirs. And there is no negotiation about anything. Either you’re with them, or you’re not a Patriot.

The elections showed us that the Tea Party in fact is the minority. Most people don’t want to have anything to do with them. And that will only get worse.  More and more people who want to live a life that the Tea Party disapproves of, will come out and vote. More and more new voters will join the Democratic process and almost none of them will agree with Tea Party values. And that’s a big problem for the GOP.

While the electorate will get more and more moderate, you don’t want to get more and more extreme. And even though President Obama did a great job the last four years, the decent GOP would have had a good chance to beat him. But not this GOP, because they don’t relate to the average voter.

This has been Romney’s problem. He had to go so far to the right to satisfy Tea extremists who paid his campaign, that normal people didn’t want to vote for him. Republicans lost Senate seats and in almost all cases because Tea candidates lost their campaigns. They may relate to 10% of the people, but the other 90% from left to decent right, are out of reach for them. A moderate Republican has way more in common with Obama than with Bachmann.

If the GOP wants to survive they will have to relate to the new electorate. People from all races, from all religions, who all want to live a good and happy life without a bunch of zealots telling them what they can and can’t do. And relating to that new electorate is impossible as long as those who hate that new electorate are the ones who pay your campaign.

Politicians always say they are not afraid to make big choices. And this is one the GOP needs to make. Either they continue to obey the Tea Party and by doing so, accept that their role will be minimalized to some red States or throw the extremists out, return to humanity and to the way the GOP used to be.

It’s up to the GOP whether they want to have a future or whether they prefer to continue their hate till the end. And in that case the end will probably come sooner than later.


2 Responses to The only chance for the GOP to survive is to get rid of the Tea Party

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  2. Lisa Rose says:

    I agree completely and I just wrote a similar piece on my blog. But what I didn’t mention, that you pointed out, was that there are millions of moderate Republicans who do not belong to the wingnut faction of the party. Their voices, unfortunately, cannot be heard over the cantankerous, old white guys who want their white Protestant country back and will scream about it to anyone who will listen. And to those who won’t as well. Look forward to reading more.

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