This election is not only about the Economy but also about Human Dignity

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11

GOP Big 4: 8-15-11 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

It’s unbelievable that the race for the Presidency is as close as it seems to be. And even though I expect Obama to win it by more than a small margin, it should have been a sure thing by now.

Obama started as President in a country that was totally messed up, more than it has been in the last seven decades. He took care of the mess, invested in new programs like ObamaCare, gave the Middle Class important Tax Cuts, saved important industries, took care of wars we shouldn’t be in, killed Bin Laden and now after four years we have a growing Economy and a falling unemployment number.

President Obama’s first term is nothing else than a big success and that should be the first reason to let him finish his job.

But there is second, and maybe even more important reason to not let the current GOP take this country over. It is for the sake of dignity that we shouldn’t allow that to happen.

People can have different opinions on economic issues. Should Obama have done a better job or not? Of course the Republicans say yes, of course the Democrats say no. And those differences are all ok. We don’t have to agree on things like that, I think it’s even a good thing that there are different opinions on those issues. But the biggest difference between the Democrats and the current GOP is something else.

Ever since the Tea Party was founded, based on morals, decency and dignity, all morals, decency and dignity seems to have left the GOP. Lately it happens every day that some Republican yells something so stupid that you wonder if he or she really said that. It happens so often that we’re almost not even shocked by it anymore. I don’t even know where to begin.

Should I begin with the birther issue? No President ever was asked for a birth certificate, but the first black President can show it ten times and they still won’t stop. Or should I start about the latest Donald Trump scam, arrogant as he is, offering five million dollars for college records? Without any respect, he has been stalking the President with lies for years now, and instead of apologizing, he now wants to buy our President. And the GOP is silent and accepts, sometimes even cheers it.

Or should I start with a GOP Senator, who says you can’t get pregnant from rape, suggesting that every woman who is pregnant after rape is lying about it? Or another GOP Senator, who claims that if you are a rape victim it was God’s will?

Or should I start with another GOP prominent who can’t imagine a reason to vote for President Obama, other than race. So if one of our biggest heroes, Colin Powell, endorses Obama, it must be because of the color of his skin. So ignorant and so insulting. And the GOP is quiet!

And these are just a couple of examples. Tea Party members like Michele Bachmann openly suggest that a person that looks like an Arabian could very well be a terrorist, Sarah Palin is ignorant on a daily basis. If I want to give all the examples I have got, this would be the longest blog post in history.

And while this all happens, the decent part of the GOP is silent. As silent as they’ve ever been. John McCain almost joins the disgusting part of his party, while the man used to be the perfect example of a good Republican. Rudy Giuliani, a very decent man, is also quiet just like all the other moderates.

Republicans seem to be in a contest of who has the most extremist stances. If one Republican says something ridiculous, the next one feels the need to want to beat him and go even further. We have to judge things for what they are. There is no decent GOP anymore. At least not now. The GOP is not what it used to be. They lost all dignity.

A vote for the current GOP is a vote for the party that says your daughter didn’t get pregnant from rape. She must have enjoyed it. And if your wife gets raped it was Gods will. If you see someone from Arabian descent, it is probably a terrorist and you can only back the President because he is black.

That is what you’re voting for if you vote for the GOP in this election, because that is all we hear. And while the extremists take over, no one steps up. There are not just a few extremists, there’s a whole bunch of them. The decent ones in the GOP are the minority by now.

There are many good reasons to vote for Obama. But in my view there are also many good reasons to refuse to vote for the GOP, even if you are a Republican, even if you agree with their stances on economic or foreign policy issues.

I believe that most people are not pure evil. I believe that most people don’t want to live in a world where a couple of 60 year old white men are telling your daughter that she wasn’t raped. I believe that most people are not racist, and don’t want race or religion to divide us.

And if any of that is the case, then it’s simple. Either you vote against your morals and support those you might agree with on economic issues but who will change America into a hateful country where bigotry rules.

Or you refuse to join them, you refuse to go along with a country based on hate. You refuse to live in a place where they treat rape victims as criminals, and American heroes like Colin Powell as idiots.

This election is not only between Republicans and Democrats, it is between hate and human dignity, it’s between the lowest morals we’ve seen in a century versus a decent society.

And the choice should be easy. Even if you used to vote Republican.


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