The hypocrisy of those who abuse Religion to reach their Political goals


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

We see it a lot. People who try to work their way up in the religious world, try to get themselves in a situation where they get a lot of respect from religious people and then abuse the power they gained for their political goals. We all know the founding fathers were clear about the role religion should play in Politics. None. Believe in a dead squirrel if you want, in a flying elephant, do whatever you want, but don’t think for even a second that what you believe in gives you the right to tell others what to do.

This automatically means that church leaders, or others who have worked their way up in religion and often living a fantastic life, paid for by their ‘sheep’, shouldn’t abuse their position to give people advice who they should vote for. Because that would mean that a position they’re in because of religion gives them the right to meddle into politics.

A religious leader can tell the believers they should dance naked around a dead horse before they can drink water, he can tell them they shouldn’t have sex before they turn fifty, he can tell them whatever he wants as long as it’s not about Politics. Unfortunately they keep on doing so. Worst thing is that they’re not even consequent.

World record holder in hypocrisy is Teavangelical Billy Graham. All his life he has been saying that Mormonism has got nothing to do with Christianity. One conversation with Mormon prophet Mitt Romney and all of a sudden he changed his mind. In that half an hour Romney apparently changed his religion so, that Billy Graham all of a sudden thinks Romney is a Christian and starts campaigning for him.

Billy Graham is not the only hypocrite. A year ago I defended Mitt Romney against Tea Party people who were all convinced Romney was not a Christian and therefore wanted others to be their candidate. I defended Romney cuz religion doesn’t matter. I don’t care what a President believes in. It shouldn’t matter. I only started attacking Romney on his faith after he attacked President Obama on his faith. If you believe the Bible is written on Golden Plates that you can only read with some magic spectacles, it’s not really smart to criticize someone else on his faith. But that still doesn’t change the fact that religion shouldn’t matter. I don’t have a problem with what Romney believes in, I have a problem because Romney has a problem with the Presidents faith.

The hypocritical thing almost all Tea People have in common is that they say religion is the most important thing in their life, but they’re willing to change the rules however they need to, to reach their political goals. The same Tea People who said Romney was not a Christian a year ago, now cheer him as a Christian leader. Hypocrite Billy Graham criticized Mormons all his life, now all of a sudden he needs a Mormon to get Obama out of the White House and guess what? All of a sudden it’s a totally Christian thing that the Bible was written on Golden Plates, nothing happened in Israel, it all happened in America, and all of a sudden God is not everywhere but on the planet Kolob. All of a sudden those are all good old Christian views.

It proves that Billy Graham’s faith is a big joke. He is a professional Christian, who cares more about Politics than about being consequent in what he believes in.  If faith is the most important thing in your life, you are not willing to compromise no matter what. Billy Graham his Bible is still the same as a year ago but now that Politics made it so that he needed to change his mind, all of a sudden his opinion about that Bible is totally different.

By doing so, he proved that his faith is nothing more than an instrument to reach his Political goals. Everything he says in the name of his Lord should from now on be seen as a scam, a trick to manipulate his people, the innocent victims, the sheep. He is a hypocrite. And all those Tea People who also changed their mind, all proved that Politics is more important to them than their faith. They should never say again that faith is the most important thing for them.

This whole scam once again shows us that there is a lot of work to do, before religion and Politics are two different things. I’m still waiting for that to ever happen. That is how the founding Fathers wanted it to be. People like Billy Graham and the whole Tea scam with him talk about the Founding Fathers a lot,  but tend to forget the most important things they had to say.


2 Responses to The hypocrisy of those who abuse Religion to reach their Political goals

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  2. Excellent post. It’s an abuse well-practised in Australia, where the ‘Hallelujah Brigade’ (Pentecostals and Charismatics in particular) actually tell their congregations WHO to vote for. Sadder still, is the thousands who actually do what they’re told, possibly because it’s easier to do what they’re told than ask questions and think for themselves.

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