The GOP will not be able to overcome their biggest problem: the Tea Party.


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

It is obvious that Romney is in a lot of trouble. Turns out the country is not doing as bad as they try to tell us, Obama is actually doing a great job and the approval rate for his work is higher every week.

But the approval for the President is not the only problem Romney has to deal with. An even bigger problem is that the Romney campaign doesn’t seem to be able to unite the GOP and that gets him in trouble over and over again. Being a Democrat, I’m actually happy that his campaign is in trouble. But it would be too easy to blame his campaign for everything. In the end the biggest problem the GOP has is the Tea Party. And that problem will turn out to be impossible to overcome.

When Republicans were having their election to pick out their candidate, it was clear from the beginning that Romney was the only candidate who could have a chance to beat President Obama. All the others were more or less representing the Tea Party and would never be able to win the moderate and independent vote.

Once Romney became the candidate, his campaign had to serve two different groups. Tea people and regular Republicans. And even though they act is if they want the same things, they actually don’t. The same Tea people who were disgusted with Romney for a long time, who hated him for being a Mormon, who hated his moderate views and called him ‘Obama number two’ now all of a sudden have to act as if they like him. But they don’t. If any of them will vote for Romney, they will only do that because they hate Obama more than they hate Romney. No Tea conservative will vote for Romney because they like him.

But if the Romney campaign wants all the Tea extremists to get out and vote, they need to communicate the things those people want to hear. They need to blame Obama for things no one can be blamed for, they need to communicate extreme thoughts about China, Russia and the Middle East. Romney also needs to make birther jokes and has to be as low and disgusting as he possibly can about President Obama, to convince Tea people that he is their man.

On the other hand no one wins an election without the moderate vote. Independents and moderate Republicans, who do not base their lives on Tea hate, also need to be convinced that Romney is their man. And as it turns out, it is impossible to make both those groups happy with one candidate.

Not all Republicans are evil. There are a lot of them who just make different choices, who want the government to play a different role in society, but who still care if people are sick, homeless and in trouble. Spreading hate and using war language is not the way to convince them. In an attempt to satisfy them, Romney has been telling them that he will for example not repeal everything ObamaCare related. Because those people actually care about it if others are sick and can’t afford healthcare.

But on the same day, or day later, Romney is campaigning for a Tea Party audience. Conservative Christians who don’t want to live in a country where the less fortunate have the same rights as they do. And Romney needs to convince them that he will repeal all of Obamacare. Because if he doesn’t promise that, they will think of him as Obama number two and stay home on November 6th.

ObamaCare is only an example. The difference between moderates and Tea extremists is huge no matter what we are talking about. Moderates are sick and tired of all those wars but conservative Christians will not vote for you if you refuse to use war language. Moderates think that the richest people should also pay taxes. Conservative Christians don’t understand why they are against that, but they got told that it doesn’t work like that, so they oppose any plan to make the richest couple percent, also pay their fair share.

The problem Romney faces is not so much Romney or his campaign. Ever Since Tea extremists gathered in their party they went so far to the right that it is impossible to unite them with the moderate and decent part of the GOP. He won’t admit it, certainly not until the elections are over, but a moderate Republican like Rudy Giuliani must come home at night and bang his head against the wall if he hears what people like Bachmann and Santorum have to say. His thoughts and ideas are way closer to Obama’s ideas than they are to Tea Party central.

And as it turns out, the only way to serve all Republicans is to tell one part of the GOP one thing, and tell the other part something else. And that is what the Romney campaign has been doing so far, that is what makes him unreliable, that is why people don’t trust him and why whatever he says, people doubt if he really means it. The only fanatical Romney supporters are those who hate Obama enough to settle for anyone else, no matter who it is.

Even though the Romney campaign made some big mistakes, the problem is more structural and I don’t think it will ever be solved. I think this is a game changer that will change the GOP. It might even be the start of what will become a third party. Maybe the moderates in the GOP will finally stand up and say enough is enough and take their party back. In that case the Tea Party might actually become a separate party, not related to the GOP. And if that doesn’t happen, and I expect it won’t, then moderates, those who are not addicted to war, will unite in a third party.

There is no way that moderate Republicans can unite with Tea Party Republicans. They have nothing in common. They act as if, but it’s obvious that it doesn’t work. A couple of weeks before the election no one is going to stand up and talk about the differences in the GOP but it’s crystal clear that after the elections, and the landslide I expect, they will sit down and realize what happened to their party.

I think this is going to be the end of the GOP as we know it. People can only act as if they’re friends for a certain amount of time. Right now they try to act as if they’re one party but they’re not. There are two parties in the GOP. The moderate Republicans vs. the Tea zealots, who only want freedom for those who agree with them, who think they have the right to decide whether you are a Christian or not, who think you can only be a Patriot If you agree with them. They will never accept anything else than their opinion, they will never be happy as long as the goal is freedom for all, they will never be happy as long as they can’t force others to live by their religious rules, they will never be satisfied in a society or a party that is not based on hate. And not only have they been insulting women, minorities and human dignity, they have also insulted their party and the moderates in it.

I don’t think Politics will be over after the elections. I think we will see big changes in the next couple of years. Decent Republicans and Tea People will both come to the conclusion that they can’t be in the same party. The only question left is which part of the GOP will leave the party. It’s gonna be interesting. And we can sit back, relax and enjoy the circus, while enjoying the second term of our brilliant President.


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