There is no reason to vote GOP, there are many reasons to reelect Obama

English: President George W. Bush and Presiden...

English: President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama pause for photographs Monday, Nov. 10, 2008, on the Colonnade as the President welcomed his successor and Mrs. Michelle Obama to the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it was a joke. Then I read it again. GOP Chairman Reince Priebus was complaining about the weather in Charlotte during the Democratic Convention. President Obama was supposed to speak at a stadium but the weather forecast was really bad, so the Democrats changed their minds. The stadium was sold out and some 19 thousand people were still on a waiting list hoping to be able to see the President speak. Unfortunately they wouldn’t be able to

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus responded by saying the weather was very good and the Democrats just couldn’t fill the stadium and used the weather as an excuse. Childish stuff that you would expect to hear from a guy who had too much alcohol in a bar, but not from the GOP chairman. He knew it was irresponsible to be at the stadium, he knew it was sold out and there were still people waiting for tickets, but he continues to tweet his thoughts about the weather in Charlotte.

It’s not only childish it also shows us once again that the GOP has nothing better to do. They can’t provide a single good reason why people should vote for them. The weather in Charlotte probably won’t convince anyone, neither do any of the other things they try to tell us.

If we compare the two conventions then the GOP convention was pretty much three days of complaining about President Obama. Allegation after allegation, not a plan, not focusing on how they think we should fix certain things. If you check out tweets and other messages from Romney, Ryan, the only thing they do is complain. And it’s not a surprise, because they made it clear from the start, back when Obama took office that the one and only goal they had was to make sure he would be a one term President. Didn’t matter what was good for the country, if Obama wants something, the answer was no. Screw the USA, long live the GOP.

Twelve years ago George W. Bush took office in a country that was not at war, with a flourishing economy, with surpluses all over the place, everybody was happy. Four years ago he left office after Wall Street crashed, Banks were about to go bankrupt and so was the Car industry. In streets all over the country the only thing we saw were foreclosures, we lost 750thousand jobs a month. And oh yeah, we were involved in two wars.

Not a word about that from the Republicans, the only thing they mentioned was that we should stop blaming Bush. And that’s kind of hard because all the problems we face are caused by Bush. I can imagine the GOP doesn’t want to talk about it, but they were the ones who didn’t even invite him to their convention to endorse John McCain, because he created such a mess that his endorsement would not really help.

The GOP forgot that all. They left a country that was burned down to the ground, did everything they could to prevent President Obama from building it up again and then started complaining that it wasn’t perfect yet. A plan to do it better is not available and the few things we’ve heard about what they want to do are destroyed by fact-checkers. They complain that the Dems are negative, but look at their convention, look at their tweets, look at their interviews. It’s 100% negative and not a single thing about how they want to fix things.

And then we had the Democratic Convention. An inspiring speech by Michelle Obama, a brilliant speech by Bill Clinton who gave fact checkers a hard time, mentioning a lot of facts, they all turned out to be true. He mentioned how over the last half century Democrats created way more jobs than Republicans. He mentioned in what kind of mess we were four years ago, he mentioned how much progress we’ve made so far. President Obama repeated it, was inspiring and hopeful.

That was not a negative Convention just like it’s not a negative campaign. The Republican Convention was nothing but a bunch of depressed people, complaining and complaining. Zero solutions.

Those who expected to elect a magician four years ago can be disappointed. President Obama is not. But those who are realistic and think of the mess he found, and accept simple economic rules will realize what an amazing job he did.

The worst year the Obama Administration had was the first year. No wonder. Ho took over while we lost 750 thousand jobs a month. There is nothing to stop that within a day. The unemployment rate went further up. An enormous amount of money was needed to save banks, the car industry, the get the economy going again. The two wars we were involved in also cost a lot of money. No matter who the President is, he should not be cheered or criticized for his first year.

If we leave the first year out of the statistics, then it’s really looking good. If we start in 2010 then all of a sudden unemployment is down from 9.8% to 8.1%. And that is a whole lot. Since 2010 there is job growth every month without exception. The war In Iraq is over. Banks are alive, and so is Wall Street and the Car industry. If we forget the first year, for the simple reason that President Obama can’t be blamed for it, then we had an amazing couple years the rest of his Presidency. All trends are going in the right direction.

But Republicans keep on saying that that things are bad. All they do is complain. And what they want as a solution is not any different from what George W. Bush wanted and we still remember how that worked out.

After eight years under a Republican President this country was burned down to the ground. Four years later a lot of things are much better. This President proved to be able to turn a country in despair into a country of hope. In the midst of all the mess he found, he managed to make a fair and honest healthcare system work. A system the USA can be proud of. Foreclosures down, unemployment down, industries, banks and Wall Street are all up.

The only thing we hear from Republicans is how bad things are. But we are way better off than four years ago. And the future is bright. There is not a big crisis left to deal with, President Obama already took care of that. And now we have the choice. Are we going to elect a bunch of depressed Republicans who complain for the sake of complaining, who don’t even mention their own plan and who pretty much want to go back to the days of George W. Bush?

Or will we reelect President Obama, who found a mess that has never been bigger in 75 years, who cleaned it up and we are seeing more and more results of the great things he did.

In any video footage of the Republican Convention we hear them complain about everything and we don’t hear solutions. We see the bitter faces of those who decided they were going to be bitter no matter what.  In any video of the Democratic Convention we hear about the big things Obama did. We see the people filled with hope, with belief in a better future.

The choice is up to us. And I don’t think it’s hard to make the right one.


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