The Democratic Convention shows us that hope is better than hate

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I call it brilliant it wouldn’t cover it. It was even better. The first day of the Democratic Convention beat all expectations. While the GOP convention focused on how bad the Obama administration is supposed to be doing, focused on repealing things, on being negative, yesterday was filled with positivity. Dems talked about the many achievements made, about hope, didn’t ignore the tough times we had, but focused on the good things. And if you do that you end up with a smile on your face, and let’s be honest, it’s better than being bitter.

Not only the speakers were inspiring, so was the audience. Not a bunch of rich people with hate in their eyes as we saw last week during the GOP Convention. No, normal people, for whom life has been tough last years but they see the achievements made, and they have hope that it will even get better.

It’s always easy to be negative. And as long as the GOP is blaming President Obama for plants that closed during the Bush Administration, I don’t think we even have to debate them.

Four years ago one of the big issues was to get out of Iraq. Not a word from the GOP once that happened. Four years ago they said Obama would not be able to catch terrorists. Not only is Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda is for an important part destroyed. Not a word. For some reason National Security issues disappeared from their agenda. Many other achievements were made for the normal people. The fact that a little girl born with a heart disease is now guaranteed to be able to get health insurance when she grows old is a big achievement. And this is one example, there are many. That’s why yesterday we saw the normal people happy, filled with hope. Because things changed for them, they see in their lives that it’s getting better.

It’s probably also why last week we saw the uptight rich and selfish people filled with hate and anger. They’re angry that the focus is on the normal people and not only on them. They’re angry that the Obama Administration seeks to provide freedom for all people, not only for them.

Those who say the Democrats are having a negative campaign should check out yesterday evening and compare it to what we saw last week. Hope instead of hate. Inspiration instead of negativity.

Long ago when Ronald Reagan, absolutely not my favorite Republican, booked major achievements in his foreign policy, the Dems were also happy. They criticized him for other things but cheered the way he dealt with Russia, cheered the way he fought for freedom for the people in Eastern Europe. In the end it was good for us all so we were all happy. When George H Bush (Bush Sr.) in my opinion the best Republican President we’ve had in many decades, united the world against Saddam Hussein, not only the Republicans were cheering for him, so were the Democrats.

When Bill Clinton couldn’t accept how Europe messed up in dealing with the war in former Yugoslavia and sent our troops there and finished the war within weeks, we all had his back. When George W Bush was confronted with the 9/11 attacks, we were all Americans, we all stood behind our President.

Those days are gone. For ten years the world was looking for Osama Bin Laden, he was killed under the Obama Administration but not a word from the Republicans. The Iraq war ended, other regimes that had to live under evil dictators were freed. A lot of things changed in the world. Not a word. The Republicans criticized what Obama was doing in Libya, without being able to mention what exactly he did wrong. It’s criticizing for the sake of criticizing.

They’re negative, they ignore big achievements they would have loved to have made themselves, and they want to repeal big things that happened for normal people. And they call us negative.

Yesterday we saw something else. Not a word about Romney. The situation in the country when Obama took office was horrible. Blaming him for the first months and years after he took over, is like blaming someone who bought a burned down house, that the garden is not looking perfect a week later. But a lot of positive things happened and I’m glad our Convention focused on that yesterday.

Some of the positive things will never be acknowledged by the GOP, because they simply don’t think it’s positive that we all have the right to healthcare and we should all have equal chances. But many of the achievements made by the Obama Administration would have been cheered by the GOP if they were made by a Republican President.

We used to live in a country where both the GOP and the DNC applauded successes made by the President. No matter which party he came from. Those days are over for now. It’s not up to us to change that, the decent Republicans are the ones who should step up and take their party back. And until that happens, we should let them live their negative bitter lives, while we focus on our country and the people in it.

Four years ago we all had hope. Day in day out, the GOP tried to do all they can to take the hope away and restore their country based on differences, selfishness and hate. Yesterday we saw that they failed in doing so! And we won’t let them win.


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