If Liberalism is a disease, I’m happy to be sick!

It’s one of those things conservative Christians will say. Liberalism is a disease.


paul-ryan-grannie (Photo credit: Majordomo2012)

We should of course not expect any explanation why that would be the case. I almost got used to it, they yell stuff, they don’t back it up but in the braindead world most of them live in, saying something automatically means it’s true. They don’t need facts or statistics. Just saying something is enough.

I have to be more specific, I’m not talking about a couple decent conservatives who actually know what they are talking about. They exist! But they also all laugh at Tealiban people like Bachmann. I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about almost all Christian Conservatives. Some of them learn in church that they’re not supposed to lie, but they have this secret part of the bible that says lying is ok as long as you can brainwash people with it. A certain part of the Christian Conservatives are the liars, the others are naive victims of those lies. They actually believe that Liberals are against God, Family, Country and so on.

By the way, in the not very often used brain of most Christian Conservatives, a liberal, a socialist, a communist and a moslem-terrorist are all the same thing. Ask them if there is a difference between liberalism and socialism and they won’t know what to say.

Under the Obama Administration, the most dangerous moslem extremists are already killed, I don’t even need to go into that allegation. Communism more or less failed everywhere in the world, is based on a theory that proved not to work. In the Western World there are only a few communists left. The two serious ideologies left would be Liberalism and Socialism.

In all other countries Liberals are considered to be right wing and socialist are left wing. Liberals don’t want the Government to have a big role, Socialist think the role of the government should be bigger. Both though, think that all people should have equal chances in life. Socialism is a bit more focused on having an equal life and liberalism is more focused on having an equal chance in life. But in any other country than America, liberals and socialists are opposites. We also have our differences in the US, but for both Liberals and Socialists, in the current political circumstances, the Democratic Party is the only option.

In America everything is different because there are only two parties. There is a Republican party that claims to be the only one that is about freedom. They often forget to mention that with freedom, they actually mean the freedom to agree with them, because if you don’t you have a problem. They claim to be the party of the American Dream. We all know the heartbreaking stories of someone who made it in life, against all odds, and it’s brilliant to hear things like that. Nice stories, but the reason we all remember those stories is because they don’t happen a lot. The American Dream turned out to be a lame excuse to sit and watch how people suffer, while not doing anything to help them, because you once heard a brilliant story. The Republican Party also falsely claims to be the only religious party. They base everything they do on a secret part of the Bible that no one else ever read. I don’t remember reading about Jesus walking around with an AK-47. Never heard the story that Jesus met a single mom with three kids and told her she was a whore who should go work two jobs to take care of her kids. Also never heard the story where Jesus met a sick man who didn’t have health insurance and told him to die. And I also can’t imagine that Jesus ever said that the best way to help poor people was to make rich people richer. No, he in fact criticized the rich for ignoring the poor.

The reality is that the Republican party is not a religious party, it’s only by name a Christian party, but in reality they do the opposite of whatever the Bible tells. But in a smart way they based their existence on it. Keep people dumb and uninformed, tell them that the other party is against God, and by doing so guarantee the vote of the uninformed Christians, who don’t realize what they are voting for. In a smart and somewhat evil way they manipulate the people, and the result is that the GOP still manages to exist in a country where 95% of the people would be better off if they were voting for the Democrats.

The only other option in America is the Democratic party. Everyone is welcome. Religious or not, rich or poor. And the Democrats are actually the ones who are about freedom. If you believe in God you can live by those rules. If you don’t believe in God, no one is gonna force you to keep his rules. Freedom! The Democrats fight for a more honest country. Some within the Democratic party are more moderate, others are more to the left, but in the current situation, that all doesn’t matter. The alternative is something so bad and immoral that our differences are unimportant for now.

Lately I got to know someone who grew up with all the Conservative Christian lies. She’s a little bit naïve but started to check things out. She found out that everything they ever told her was based on lies. We already knew that but it was a shock for her to find out that Democrats are not against God. Actually a lot of them are Christians. Democrats are also not against the country, they work hard for it, they fight for it. Another big surprise was that Democrats are also not against family. Most of them actually have a family and they love their kids just as much as conservatives do.

Very simple stuff but if you never heard anything else than Republican propaganda it is a surprise. Still a little bit confused, lately she asked me, why all those people continue to spread those lies? Why would they do that, lying was wrong or not? So naïve it was almost cute.

She was convinced by ridiculously stupid crap like ‘Liberalism is a disease’. Just a line. The moon is green. Water is black. You can say anything. But even though simple lies like Democrats are against God and family, are not backed by anything, it still works. The victims of the lies of the fake Christians can’t imagine that someone would lie. There are no facts needed. The opinion itself is the thing that is supposed to prove the opinion. Only the evil and uninformed people will use that. The rest of us use facts. But it works for them!

A couple days ago Paul Ryan gave a speech. The speech turned out to be a historic speech with a world record number of lies in it. No surprise Paul Ryan is a convinced conservative Christian. He was confronted with those lies, even had to admit a couple of them. But for people like him that’s a daily routine.

I said it before and I say it again. There is a lot to win for us. Some people are evil. They talk about being a Christian all day long, but nothing they do shows that they really are Christians. It’s those people who every once in a while will go help the homeless, not because they care, but because others will see them in action. And the rest of their lives they complain that they have to pay taxes to make sure the less fortunate also have a chance in life. Everything they do is fake and they know it. They use whatever is needed to reach their goal. Especially lies. They are not worth our time.

But there are a lot of others who don’t know what they’re doing. They are the victims, who are brainwashed with lies, and it’s so simple to show them how things really are. The person I talked about was convinced that Obama was a liberal socialist moslem extremist communist or so. Seriously! He was also supposed to be against family, against religion, against America.

Not much later she is gonna vote for him. And the only thing that happened is show some facts and make her realize how brainwashed she was. And now that she sees how things really are she changed her mind. In an ultimate attempt, the manipulators warn her that ‘Liberalism is a disease’. But now she laughs at it, because now she knows the facts.

There is so much to win. There are millions in a situation like her. All their life they voted against their own interest. All based on lies. But they don’t know it. The evil part will never change. But we don’t need them. But if we can explain the brainwashed part how things really are, we will win this election by a landslide!

Because if what they want is freedom, if what they want is that the unfortunate also have a chance in life, if they want to live their lives without the Government telling them what to do, then Liberals, or lets say, Democrats, are the only option. We are about freedom for all. Not just freedom for some. And for those who think they should base their vote on religion, once they find out what the Democrats really want, they will be convinced.

I said it before and I will say it again, we shouldn’t give up on all Tea People. Some are lost causes. But many are brainwashed. The facts are on our side. They may start by saying that being a Democrat  is a disease, but in the end they will find out this is probably the only disease that is good to have!  Let’s go get them!


One Response to If Liberalism is a disease, I’m happy to be sick!

  1. The key tactic here is identity politics. If you identify as a Christian, & Republicans tell you that they too are Christian, they will automatically benefit from in-group bias. The Christian will not only give “Christian” Republicans the benefit of the doubt, they will also be suspicious of “not-Christian” Democrats.

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