If the way Obama is treated is not racism, then tell me what it is?

English: President Obama had called on the two...

English: President Obama had called on the two former Presidents to help. During their public remarks in the Rose Garden, President Clinton had said about President Bush, ‘I’ve already figured out how I can get him to do some things that he didn’t sign on for.’ Later, back in the Oval, President Bush is jokingly asking President Clinton what were those things he had in mind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It came as a surprise for a lot of people. For some it was a good one, for others a bad one. I count myself to those who weren’t happy. BeBe Winans, registered Democrat, performed at the Republican Convention.

The fact that he did that, soon became a racial issue. It was followed by everlasting conversations online in which 50% of the people called the other 50% a racist and vice versa. It’s difficult to say whether it was a big deal or not but I tend to say yes, it was a big deal.

It’s not easy to discuss race-related issues lately. Somehow there is a new defense against it. If certain issues are race-related and you mention them, racists will call YOU a racist in their defense. They will say you played the race card and for them race has never been an issue. A statement that is easily made, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

We don’t need a thorough investigation to figure out that there are still a lot of race-related issues in our society. Let’s for example look at how President Obama has been treated ever since he became President. Has he been criticized the way other Presidents have been criticized? Is this normal and are we all just trying to see things that aren’t there? Or is this different?

We’ve just seen a Republican Convention where a lot of speakers were talking about their roots in Cuba, Mexico, Ireland and other countries. We’ve got a GOP nominee who has got roots in Mexico. I’m sure none of them was ever asked to show a birth certificate. And why would it be normal to assume that Mitt Romney was born in America, but at the same time it’s somehow not normal to assume that President Obama was born here?

I’m gonna play the race card. No President was ever asked for his birth certificate but the first black President we got, is all of a sudden stalked with the issue. And I think those two things are related. Apparently there are still people who associate someone who is black with a different country than America, but who forget to associate people who are white with a different country. And in the end, we’re all immigrants, so if race is not an issue, then that doesn’t make sense.

This is one example. There are more. Can anyone remember when a President has ever been called a moslem-terrorist? I’m pretty sure that never happened before either. And by ‘coincidence’ they again pick the first black President to stalk him with these allegations.

Even the most fanatical opponents of Clinton, Reagan and Carter have never called them Anti-American. But again, by coincidence, every single day, this President is called anti-American. And why? Because they don’t agree with him? No way! There have always been political differences, but they never resulted in calling a President anti-American.

And there’s more. George W Bush his opponents called him President Bush. Clinton’s opponents called him President Clinton. Reagan, Carter, they were all called President. But by coincidence, our current President doesn’t seem to be worthy of being called a President. They call him Obama in a way you would think it’s a disease.

All Presidents we had before Obama have never been called a moslem-extremist, have never been asked for a birth certificate, have never been called Anti-American, have always been called President, have always been treated with respect, no matter political differences. And all that, all of a sudden changed with the first black President we’ve got. All of a sudden they try to treat our President as the most disrespected man in the country.

What are the odds that we have never seen any behavior like this from any party in recent history and by coincidence exactly now, from the day President Obama took office, it all changed? Are his policies so different compared to Clinton’s and other Democratic Administrations we’ve had, that all of a sudden he is treated like this? I don’t think so.

You can’t prove bad intentions like this with DNA or so. But there are too many coincidences, there is too much ‘circumstantial’ evidence to ignore the fact that all of a sudden all respect and dignity seems to be gone.

No one has to like a President. No one has to agree with what he does. But a lot of these issues have nothing to do with the question if Barack Obama is doing a good job or not. And if it hasn’t got anything to do with the issues, then why are people doing it?

Let me be clear. A whole lot of Republicans, especially the moderates, are not racists, do not judge people based on race and are not happy with this President for other reasons. And there is nothing wrong with that, that’s a right they’ve got.

If you discuss this with Tea People, they will call you a racist. They will almost claim that they didn’t even notice we had a black President. They won’t though, be able to explain all those coincidences and if you keep on arguing with them, in the end they will say that they are not the ones who called the President an anti-American terrorist. It always goes like that. First they deny it, and if they don’t get away with it they’ll say ‘i didn’t do it, I’m not responsible for it’. They’re very careful with what they say, smart enough to get away with it, but always trying to create doubts about this President.

A week ago we found out that there was a plot to kill President Obama. And let’s agree that no matter who the President is, it’s our President and no one should even dare to try to kill him. You would therefore expect that the self-proclaimed Tea Patriots would openly condemn a thing like that. But we heard nothing!

It’s not only what they say, it’s also what they don’t say, it is also about the moments they choose to remain silent. The GOP had a four day long Convention to condemn it, but not a word. Tea leaders commented on the weather, the music and the moon, but they didn’t feel the need to address this issue.

Had people plotted a murder on any other President, the ‘other party’ would have condemned it straight away. Had one of those Presidents been called a terrorist, the other party would have been the first to say that this is not the way to deal with Political differences.

It’s hard to prove racism and we should be careful to look at everything that happens as race-related. But there are too many things different in this case. Too many things happen, that have never happened before. All of a sudden people are allowed to say whatever they want about the President, without anyone from ‘the other party’ standing up for dignity. Ever since there is Tea, all morals have vanished. And no matter how horrible people talk about the President, no matter if people call him a terrorist or are plotting a murder, Tea is silent. They won’t say a word.

I started with Bebe Winans. A fantastic artist who has the right to perform wherever he wants and the right to vote for whoever he wants. That is not my problem. My problem is that Bebe Winans joined the whole bunch of people who are silent and who by doing so, accept the -never seen before- despicable way this President is treated. As a registered Democrat in a divided country, as a respected artist, he could at least have made a Statement.

Ever since President Obama took office, some of his opponents lost all decency and respect and all the others are silent. They let it happen as if it’s normal. I would have hoped at least BeBe wouldn’t go along with it. But he came, performed, accepted it and remained silent.

And if decent people don’t stand up while despicable things happen, we will never be able to solve this issue. An issue i probably can’t call racism, without being called a racist myself.


One Response to If the way Obama is treated is not racism, then tell me what it is?

  1. Brian McCabe says:

    Obstructionism started on Obama’s first day in office because he was politically vulnerable: his name is Barack Hussein Obama, he is and uppity black man and his wife is an angry black woman who does terrorist fist bumps. In other words, he symbolized the demographic changes sweeping the nation. He had to be stopped. (http://wp.me/p2dces-6Z)

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