The GOP will not be able to overcome their biggest problem: the Tea Party.


Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

It is obvious that Romney is in a lot of trouble. Turns out the country is not doing as bad as they try to tell us, Obama is actually doing a great job and the approval rate for his work is higher every week.

But the approval for the President is not the only problem Romney has to deal with. An even bigger problem is that the Romney campaign doesn’t seem to be able to unite the GOP and that gets him in trouble over and over again. Being a Democrat, I’m actually happy that his campaign is in trouble. But it would be too easy to blame his campaign for everything. In the end the biggest problem the GOP has is the Tea Party. And that problem will turn out to be impossible to overcome.

When Republicans were having their election to pick out their candidate, it was clear from the beginning that Romney was the only candidate who could have a chance to beat President Obama. All the others were more or less representing the Tea Party and would never be able to win the moderate and independent vote.

Once Romney became the candidate, his campaign had to serve two different groups. Tea people and regular Republicans. And even though they act is if they want the same things, they actually don’t. The same Tea people who were disgusted with Romney for a long time, who hated him for being a Mormon, who hated his moderate views and called him ‘Obama number two’ now all of a sudden have to act as if they like him. But they don’t. If any of them will vote for Romney, they will only do that because they hate Obama more than they hate Romney. No Tea conservative will vote for Romney because they like him.

But if the Romney campaign wants all the Tea extremists to get out and vote, they need to communicate the things those people want to hear. They need to blame Obama for things no one can be blamed for, they need to communicate extreme thoughts about China, Russia and the Middle East. Romney also needs to make birther jokes and has to be as low and disgusting as he possibly can about President Obama, to convince Tea people that he is their man.

On the other hand no one wins an election without the moderate vote. Independents and moderate Republicans, who do not base their lives on Tea hate, also need to be convinced that Romney is their man. And as it turns out, it is impossible to make both those groups happy with one candidate.

Not all Republicans are evil. There are a lot of them who just make different choices, who want the government to play a different role in society, but who still care if people are sick, homeless and in trouble. Spreading hate and using war language is not the way to convince them. In an attempt to satisfy them, Romney has been telling them that he will for example not repeal everything ObamaCare related. Because those people actually care about it if others are sick and can’t afford healthcare.

But on the same day, or day later, Romney is campaigning for a Tea Party audience. Conservative Christians who don’t want to live in a country where the less fortunate have the same rights as they do. And Romney needs to convince them that he will repeal all of Obamacare. Because if he doesn’t promise that, they will think of him as Obama number two and stay home on November 6th.

ObamaCare is only an example. The difference between moderates and Tea extremists is huge no matter what we are talking about. Moderates are sick and tired of all those wars but conservative Christians will not vote for you if you refuse to use war language. Moderates think that the richest people should also pay taxes. Conservative Christians don’t understand why they are against that, but they got told that it doesn’t work like that, so they oppose any plan to make the richest couple percent, also pay their fair share.

The problem Romney faces is not so much Romney or his campaign. Ever Since Tea extremists gathered in their party they went so far to the right that it is impossible to unite them with the moderate and decent part of the GOP. He won’t admit it, certainly not until the elections are over, but a moderate Republican like Rudy Giuliani must come home at night and bang his head against the wall if he hears what people like Bachmann and Santorum have to say. His thoughts and ideas are way closer to Obama’s ideas than they are to Tea Party central.

And as it turns out, the only way to serve all Republicans is to tell one part of the GOP one thing, and tell the other part something else. And that is what the Romney campaign has been doing so far, that is what makes him unreliable, that is why people don’t trust him and why whatever he says, people doubt if he really means it. The only fanatical Romney supporters are those who hate Obama enough to settle for anyone else, no matter who it is.

Even though the Romney campaign made some big mistakes, the problem is more structural and I don’t think it will ever be solved. I think this is a game changer that will change the GOP. It might even be the start of what will become a third party. Maybe the moderates in the GOP will finally stand up and say enough is enough and take their party back. In that case the Tea Party might actually become a separate party, not related to the GOP. And if that doesn’t happen, and I expect it won’t, then moderates, those who are not addicted to war, will unite in a third party.

There is no way that moderate Republicans can unite with Tea Party Republicans. They have nothing in common. They act as if, but it’s obvious that it doesn’t work. A couple of weeks before the election no one is going to stand up and talk about the differences in the GOP but it’s crystal clear that after the elections, and the landslide I expect, they will sit down and realize what happened to their party.

I think this is going to be the end of the GOP as we know it. People can only act as if they’re friends for a certain amount of time. Right now they try to act as if they’re one party but they’re not. There are two parties in the GOP. The moderate Republicans vs. the Tea zealots, who only want freedom for those who agree with them, who think they have the right to decide whether you are a Christian or not, who think you can only be a Patriot If you agree with them. They will never accept anything else than their opinion, they will never be happy as long as the goal is freedom for all, they will never be happy as long as they can’t force others to live by their religious rules, they will never be satisfied in a society or a party that is not based on hate. And not only have they been insulting women, minorities and human dignity, they have also insulted their party and the moderates in it.

I don’t think Politics will be over after the elections. I think we will see big changes in the next couple of years. Decent Republicans and Tea People will both come to the conclusion that they can’t be in the same party. The only question left is which part of the GOP will leave the party. It’s gonna be interesting. And we can sit back, relax and enjoy the circus, while enjoying the second term of our brilliant President.


There is no reason to vote GOP, there are many reasons to reelect Obama

English: President George W. Bush and Presiden...

English: President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama pause for photographs Monday, Nov. 10, 2008, on the Colonnade as the President welcomed his successor and Mrs. Michelle Obama to the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it was a joke. Then I read it again. GOP Chairman Reince Priebus was complaining about the weather in Charlotte during the Democratic Convention. President Obama was supposed to speak at a stadium but the weather forecast was really bad, so the Democrats changed their minds. The stadium was sold out and some 19 thousand people were still on a waiting list hoping to be able to see the President speak. Unfortunately they wouldn’t be able to

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus responded by saying the weather was very good and the Democrats just couldn’t fill the stadium and used the weather as an excuse. Childish stuff that you would expect to hear from a guy who had too much alcohol in a bar, but not from the GOP chairman. He knew it was irresponsible to be at the stadium, he knew it was sold out and there were still people waiting for tickets, but he continues to tweet his thoughts about the weather in Charlotte.

It’s not only childish it also shows us once again that the GOP has nothing better to do. They can’t provide a single good reason why people should vote for them. The weather in Charlotte probably won’t convince anyone, neither do any of the other things they try to tell us.

If we compare the two conventions then the GOP convention was pretty much three days of complaining about President Obama. Allegation after allegation, not a plan, not focusing on how they think we should fix certain things. If you check out tweets and other messages from Romney, Ryan, the only thing they do is complain. And it’s not a surprise, because they made it clear from the start, back when Obama took office that the one and only goal they had was to make sure he would be a one term President. Didn’t matter what was good for the country, if Obama wants something, the answer was no. Screw the USA, long live the GOP.

Twelve years ago George W. Bush took office in a country that was not at war, with a flourishing economy, with surpluses all over the place, everybody was happy. Four years ago he left office after Wall Street crashed, Banks were about to go bankrupt and so was the Car industry. In streets all over the country the only thing we saw were foreclosures, we lost 750thousand jobs a month. And oh yeah, we were involved in two wars.

Not a word about that from the Republicans, the only thing they mentioned was that we should stop blaming Bush. And that’s kind of hard because all the problems we face are caused by Bush. I can imagine the GOP doesn’t want to talk about it, but they were the ones who didn’t even invite him to their convention to endorse John McCain, because he created such a mess that his endorsement would not really help.

The GOP forgot that all. They left a country that was burned down to the ground, did everything they could to prevent President Obama from building it up again and then started complaining that it wasn’t perfect yet. A plan to do it better is not available and the few things we’ve heard about what they want to do are destroyed by fact-checkers. They complain that the Dems are negative, but look at their convention, look at their tweets, look at their interviews. It’s 100% negative and not a single thing about how they want to fix things.

And then we had the Democratic Convention. An inspiring speech by Michelle Obama, a brilliant speech by Bill Clinton who gave fact checkers a hard time, mentioning a lot of facts, they all turned out to be true. He mentioned how over the last half century Democrats created way more jobs than Republicans. He mentioned in what kind of mess we were four years ago, he mentioned how much progress we’ve made so far. President Obama repeated it, was inspiring and hopeful.

That was not a negative Convention just like it’s not a negative campaign. The Republican Convention was nothing but a bunch of depressed people, complaining and complaining. Zero solutions.

Those who expected to elect a magician four years ago can be disappointed. President Obama is not. But those who are realistic and think of the mess he found, and accept simple economic rules will realize what an amazing job he did.

The worst year the Obama Administration had was the first year. No wonder. Ho took over while we lost 750 thousand jobs a month. There is nothing to stop that within a day. The unemployment rate went further up. An enormous amount of money was needed to save banks, the car industry, the get the economy going again. The two wars we were involved in also cost a lot of money. No matter who the President is, he should not be cheered or criticized for his first year.

If we leave the first year out of the statistics, then it’s really looking good. If we start in 2010 then all of a sudden unemployment is down from 9.8% to 8.1%. And that is a whole lot. Since 2010 there is job growth every month without exception. The war In Iraq is over. Banks are alive, and so is Wall Street and the Car industry. If we forget the first year, for the simple reason that President Obama can’t be blamed for it, then we had an amazing couple years the rest of his Presidency. All trends are going in the right direction.

But Republicans keep on saying that that things are bad. All they do is complain. And what they want as a solution is not any different from what George W. Bush wanted and we still remember how that worked out.

After eight years under a Republican President this country was burned down to the ground. Four years later a lot of things are much better. This President proved to be able to turn a country in despair into a country of hope. In the midst of all the mess he found, he managed to make a fair and honest healthcare system work. A system the USA can be proud of. Foreclosures down, unemployment down, industries, banks and Wall Street are all up.

The only thing we hear from Republicans is how bad things are. But we are way better off than four years ago. And the future is bright. There is not a big crisis left to deal with, President Obama already took care of that. And now we have the choice. Are we going to elect a bunch of depressed Republicans who complain for the sake of complaining, who don’t even mention their own plan and who pretty much want to go back to the days of George W. Bush?

Or will we reelect President Obama, who found a mess that has never been bigger in 75 years, who cleaned it up and we are seeing more and more results of the great things he did.

In any video footage of the Republican Convention we hear them complain about everything and we don’t hear solutions. We see the bitter faces of those who decided they were going to be bitter no matter what.  In any video of the Democratic Convention we hear about the big things Obama did. We see the people filled with hope, with belief in a better future.

The choice is up to us. And I don’t think it’s hard to make the right one.

The Democratic Convention shows us that hope is better than hate

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I call it brilliant it wouldn’t cover it. It was even better. The first day of the Democratic Convention beat all expectations. While the GOP convention focused on how bad the Obama administration is supposed to be doing, focused on repealing things, on being negative, yesterday was filled with positivity. Dems talked about the many achievements made, about hope, didn’t ignore the tough times we had, but focused on the good things. And if you do that you end up with a smile on your face, and let’s be honest, it’s better than being bitter.

Not only the speakers were inspiring, so was the audience. Not a bunch of rich people with hate in their eyes as we saw last week during the GOP Convention. No, normal people, for whom life has been tough last years but they see the achievements made, and they have hope that it will even get better.

It’s always easy to be negative. And as long as the GOP is blaming President Obama for plants that closed during the Bush Administration, I don’t think we even have to debate them.

Four years ago one of the big issues was to get out of Iraq. Not a word from the GOP once that happened. Four years ago they said Obama would not be able to catch terrorists. Not only is Bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda is for an important part destroyed. Not a word. For some reason National Security issues disappeared from their agenda. Many other achievements were made for the normal people. The fact that a little girl born with a heart disease is now guaranteed to be able to get health insurance when she grows old is a big achievement. And this is one example, there are many. That’s why yesterday we saw the normal people happy, filled with hope. Because things changed for them, they see in their lives that it’s getting better.

It’s probably also why last week we saw the uptight rich and selfish people filled with hate and anger. They’re angry that the focus is on the normal people and not only on them. They’re angry that the Obama Administration seeks to provide freedom for all people, not only for them.

Those who say the Democrats are having a negative campaign should check out yesterday evening and compare it to what we saw last week. Hope instead of hate. Inspiration instead of negativity.

Long ago when Ronald Reagan, absolutely not my favorite Republican, booked major achievements in his foreign policy, the Dems were also happy. They criticized him for other things but cheered the way he dealt with Russia, cheered the way he fought for freedom for the people in Eastern Europe. In the end it was good for us all so we were all happy. When George H Bush (Bush Sr.) in my opinion the best Republican President we’ve had in many decades, united the world against Saddam Hussein, not only the Republicans were cheering for him, so were the Democrats.

When Bill Clinton couldn’t accept how Europe messed up in dealing with the war in former Yugoslavia and sent our troops there and finished the war within weeks, we all had his back. When George W Bush was confronted with the 9/11 attacks, we were all Americans, we all stood behind our President.

Those days are gone. For ten years the world was looking for Osama Bin Laden, he was killed under the Obama Administration but not a word from the Republicans. The Iraq war ended, other regimes that had to live under evil dictators were freed. A lot of things changed in the world. Not a word. The Republicans criticized what Obama was doing in Libya, without being able to mention what exactly he did wrong. It’s criticizing for the sake of criticizing.

They’re negative, they ignore big achievements they would have loved to have made themselves, and they want to repeal big things that happened for normal people. And they call us negative.

Yesterday we saw something else. Not a word about Romney. The situation in the country when Obama took office was horrible. Blaming him for the first months and years after he took over, is like blaming someone who bought a burned down house, that the garden is not looking perfect a week later. But a lot of positive things happened and I’m glad our Convention focused on that yesterday.

Some of the positive things will never be acknowledged by the GOP, because they simply don’t think it’s positive that we all have the right to healthcare and we should all have equal chances. But many of the achievements made by the Obama Administration would have been cheered by the GOP if they were made by a Republican President.

We used to live in a country where both the GOP and the DNC applauded successes made by the President. No matter which party he came from. Those days are over for now. It’s not up to us to change that, the decent Republicans are the ones who should step up and take their party back. And until that happens, we should let them live their negative bitter lives, while we focus on our country and the people in it.

Four years ago we all had hope. Day in day out, the GOP tried to do all they can to take the hope away and restore their country based on differences, selfishness and hate. Yesterday we saw that they failed in doing so! And we won’t let them win.

If Liberalism is a disease, I’m happy to be sick!

It’s one of those things conservative Christians will say. Liberalism is a disease.


paul-ryan-grannie (Photo credit: Majordomo2012)

We should of course not expect any explanation why that would be the case. I almost got used to it, they yell stuff, they don’t back it up but in the braindead world most of them live in, saying something automatically means it’s true. They don’t need facts or statistics. Just saying something is enough.

I have to be more specific, I’m not talking about a couple decent conservatives who actually know what they are talking about. They exist! But they also all laugh at Tealiban people like Bachmann. I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about almost all Christian Conservatives. Some of them learn in church that they’re not supposed to lie, but they have this secret part of the bible that says lying is ok as long as you can brainwash people with it. A certain part of the Christian Conservatives are the liars, the others are naive victims of those lies. They actually believe that Liberals are against God, Family, Country and so on.

By the way, in the not very often used brain of most Christian Conservatives, a liberal, a socialist, a communist and a moslem-terrorist are all the same thing. Ask them if there is a difference between liberalism and socialism and they won’t know what to say.

Under the Obama Administration, the most dangerous moslem extremists are already killed, I don’t even need to go into that allegation. Communism more or less failed everywhere in the world, is based on a theory that proved not to work. In the Western World there are only a few communists left. The two serious ideologies left would be Liberalism and Socialism.

In all other countries Liberals are considered to be right wing and socialist are left wing. Liberals don’t want the Government to have a big role, Socialist think the role of the government should be bigger. Both though, think that all people should have equal chances in life. Socialism is a bit more focused on having an equal life and liberalism is more focused on having an equal chance in life. But in any other country than America, liberals and socialists are opposites. We also have our differences in the US, but for both Liberals and Socialists, in the current political circumstances, the Democratic Party is the only option.

In America everything is different because there are only two parties. There is a Republican party that claims to be the only one that is about freedom. They often forget to mention that with freedom, they actually mean the freedom to agree with them, because if you don’t you have a problem. They claim to be the party of the American Dream. We all know the heartbreaking stories of someone who made it in life, against all odds, and it’s brilliant to hear things like that. Nice stories, but the reason we all remember those stories is because they don’t happen a lot. The American Dream turned out to be a lame excuse to sit and watch how people suffer, while not doing anything to help them, because you once heard a brilliant story. The Republican Party also falsely claims to be the only religious party. They base everything they do on a secret part of the Bible that no one else ever read. I don’t remember reading about Jesus walking around with an AK-47. Never heard the story that Jesus met a single mom with three kids and told her she was a whore who should go work two jobs to take care of her kids. Also never heard the story where Jesus met a sick man who didn’t have health insurance and told him to die. And I also can’t imagine that Jesus ever said that the best way to help poor people was to make rich people richer. No, he in fact criticized the rich for ignoring the poor.

The reality is that the Republican party is not a religious party, it’s only by name a Christian party, but in reality they do the opposite of whatever the Bible tells. But in a smart way they based their existence on it. Keep people dumb and uninformed, tell them that the other party is against God, and by doing so guarantee the vote of the uninformed Christians, who don’t realize what they are voting for. In a smart and somewhat evil way they manipulate the people, and the result is that the GOP still manages to exist in a country where 95% of the people would be better off if they were voting for the Democrats.

The only other option in America is the Democratic party. Everyone is welcome. Religious or not, rich or poor. And the Democrats are actually the ones who are about freedom. If you believe in God you can live by those rules. If you don’t believe in God, no one is gonna force you to keep his rules. Freedom! The Democrats fight for a more honest country. Some within the Democratic party are more moderate, others are more to the left, but in the current situation, that all doesn’t matter. The alternative is something so bad and immoral that our differences are unimportant for now.

Lately I got to know someone who grew up with all the Conservative Christian lies. She’s a little bit naïve but started to check things out. She found out that everything they ever told her was based on lies. We already knew that but it was a shock for her to find out that Democrats are not against God. Actually a lot of them are Christians. Democrats are also not against the country, they work hard for it, they fight for it. Another big surprise was that Democrats are also not against family. Most of them actually have a family and they love their kids just as much as conservatives do.

Very simple stuff but if you never heard anything else than Republican propaganda it is a surprise. Still a little bit confused, lately she asked me, why all those people continue to spread those lies? Why would they do that, lying was wrong or not? So naïve it was almost cute.

She was convinced by ridiculously stupid crap like ‘Liberalism is a disease’. Just a line. The moon is green. Water is black. You can say anything. But even though simple lies like Democrats are against God and family, are not backed by anything, it still works. The victims of the lies of the fake Christians can’t imagine that someone would lie. There are no facts needed. The opinion itself is the thing that is supposed to prove the opinion. Only the evil and uninformed people will use that. The rest of us use facts. But it works for them!

A couple days ago Paul Ryan gave a speech. The speech turned out to be a historic speech with a world record number of lies in it. No surprise Paul Ryan is a convinced conservative Christian. He was confronted with those lies, even had to admit a couple of them. But for people like him that’s a daily routine.

I said it before and I say it again. There is a lot to win for us. Some people are evil. They talk about being a Christian all day long, but nothing they do shows that they really are Christians. It’s those people who every once in a while will go help the homeless, not because they care, but because others will see them in action. And the rest of their lives they complain that they have to pay taxes to make sure the less fortunate also have a chance in life. Everything they do is fake and they know it. They use whatever is needed to reach their goal. Especially lies. They are not worth our time.

But there are a lot of others who don’t know what they’re doing. They are the victims, who are brainwashed with lies, and it’s so simple to show them how things really are. The person I talked about was convinced that Obama was a liberal socialist moslem extremist communist or so. Seriously! He was also supposed to be against family, against religion, against America.

Not much later she is gonna vote for him. And the only thing that happened is show some facts and make her realize how brainwashed she was. And now that she sees how things really are she changed her mind. In an ultimate attempt, the manipulators warn her that ‘Liberalism is a disease’. But now she laughs at it, because now she knows the facts.

There is so much to win. There are millions in a situation like her. All their life they voted against their own interest. All based on lies. But they don’t know it. The evil part will never change. But we don’t need them. But if we can explain the brainwashed part how things really are, we will win this election by a landslide!

Because if what they want is freedom, if what they want is that the unfortunate also have a chance in life, if they want to live their lives without the Government telling them what to do, then Liberals, or lets say, Democrats, are the only option. We are about freedom for all. Not just freedom for some. And for those who think they should base their vote on religion, once they find out what the Democrats really want, they will be convinced.

I said it before and I will say it again, we shouldn’t give up on all Tea People. Some are lost causes. But many are brainwashed. The facts are on our side. They may start by saying that being a Democrat  is a disease, but in the end they will find out this is probably the only disease that is good to have!  Let’s go get them!

If the way Obama is treated is not racism, then tell me what it is?

English: President Obama had called on the two...

English: President Obama had called on the two former Presidents to help. During their public remarks in the Rose Garden, President Clinton had said about President Bush, ‘I’ve already figured out how I can get him to do some things that he didn’t sign on for.’ Later, back in the Oval, President Bush is jokingly asking President Clinton what were those things he had in mind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It came as a surprise for a lot of people. For some it was a good one, for others a bad one. I count myself to those who weren’t happy. BeBe Winans, registered Democrat, performed at the Republican Convention.

The fact that he did that, soon became a racial issue. It was followed by everlasting conversations online in which 50% of the people called the other 50% a racist and vice versa. It’s difficult to say whether it was a big deal or not but I tend to say yes, it was a big deal.

It’s not easy to discuss race-related issues lately. Somehow there is a new defense against it. If certain issues are race-related and you mention them, racists will call YOU a racist in their defense. They will say you played the race card and for them race has never been an issue. A statement that is easily made, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

We don’t need a thorough investigation to figure out that there are still a lot of race-related issues in our society. Let’s for example look at how President Obama has been treated ever since he became President. Has he been criticized the way other Presidents have been criticized? Is this normal and are we all just trying to see things that aren’t there? Or is this different?

We’ve just seen a Republican Convention where a lot of speakers were talking about their roots in Cuba, Mexico, Ireland and other countries. We’ve got a GOP nominee who has got roots in Mexico. I’m sure none of them was ever asked to show a birth certificate. And why would it be normal to assume that Mitt Romney was born in America, but at the same time it’s somehow not normal to assume that President Obama was born here?

I’m gonna play the race card. No President was ever asked for his birth certificate but the first black President we got, is all of a sudden stalked with the issue. And I think those two things are related. Apparently there are still people who associate someone who is black with a different country than America, but who forget to associate people who are white with a different country. And in the end, we’re all immigrants, so if race is not an issue, then that doesn’t make sense.

This is one example. There are more. Can anyone remember when a President has ever been called a moslem-terrorist? I’m pretty sure that never happened before either. And by ‘coincidence’ they again pick the first black President to stalk him with these allegations.

Even the most fanatical opponents of Clinton, Reagan and Carter have never called them Anti-American. But again, by coincidence, every single day, this President is called anti-American. And why? Because they don’t agree with him? No way! There have always been political differences, but they never resulted in calling a President anti-American.

And there’s more. George W Bush his opponents called him President Bush. Clinton’s opponents called him President Clinton. Reagan, Carter, they were all called President. But by coincidence, our current President doesn’t seem to be worthy of being called a President. They call him Obama in a way you would think it’s a disease.

All Presidents we had before Obama have never been called a moslem-extremist, have never been asked for a birth certificate, have never been called Anti-American, have always been called President, have always been treated with respect, no matter political differences. And all that, all of a sudden changed with the first black President we’ve got. All of a sudden they try to treat our President as the most disrespected man in the country.

What are the odds that we have never seen any behavior like this from any party in recent history and by coincidence exactly now, from the day President Obama took office, it all changed? Are his policies so different compared to Clinton’s and other Democratic Administrations we’ve had, that all of a sudden he is treated like this? I don’t think so.

You can’t prove bad intentions like this with DNA or so. But there are too many coincidences, there is too much ‘circumstantial’ evidence to ignore the fact that all of a sudden all respect and dignity seems to be gone.

No one has to like a President. No one has to agree with what he does. But a lot of these issues have nothing to do with the question if Barack Obama is doing a good job or not. And if it hasn’t got anything to do with the issues, then why are people doing it?

Let me be clear. A whole lot of Republicans, especially the moderates, are not racists, do not judge people based on race and are not happy with this President for other reasons. And there is nothing wrong with that, that’s a right they’ve got.

If you discuss this with Tea People, they will call you a racist. They will almost claim that they didn’t even notice we had a black President. They won’t though, be able to explain all those coincidences and if you keep on arguing with them, in the end they will say that they are not the ones who called the President an anti-American terrorist. It always goes like that. First they deny it, and if they don’t get away with it they’ll say ‘i didn’t do it, I’m not responsible for it’. They’re very careful with what they say, smart enough to get away with it, but always trying to create doubts about this President.

A week ago we found out that there was a plot to kill President Obama. And let’s agree that no matter who the President is, it’s our President and no one should even dare to try to kill him. You would therefore expect that the self-proclaimed Tea Patriots would openly condemn a thing like that. But we heard nothing!

It’s not only what they say, it’s also what they don’t say, it is also about the moments they choose to remain silent. The GOP had a four day long Convention to condemn it, but not a word. Tea leaders commented on the weather, the music and the moon, but they didn’t feel the need to address this issue.

Had people plotted a murder on any other President, the ‘other party’ would have condemned it straight away. Had one of those Presidents been called a terrorist, the other party would have been the first to say that this is not the way to deal with Political differences.

It’s hard to prove racism and we should be careful to look at everything that happens as race-related. But there are too many things different in this case. Too many things happen, that have never happened before. All of a sudden people are allowed to say whatever they want about the President, without anyone from ‘the other party’ standing up for dignity. Ever since there is Tea, all morals have vanished. And no matter how horrible people talk about the President, no matter if people call him a terrorist or are plotting a murder, Tea is silent. They won’t say a word.

I started with Bebe Winans. A fantastic artist who has the right to perform wherever he wants and the right to vote for whoever he wants. That is not my problem. My problem is that Bebe Winans joined the whole bunch of people who are silent and who by doing so, accept the -never seen before- despicable way this President is treated. As a registered Democrat in a divided country, as a respected artist, he could at least have made a Statement.

Ever since President Obama took office, some of his opponents lost all decency and respect and all the others are silent. They let it happen as if it’s normal. I would have hoped at least BeBe wouldn’t go along with it. But he came, performed, accepted it and remained silent.

And if decent people don’t stand up while despicable things happen, we will never be able to solve this issue. An issue i probably can’t call racism, without being called a racist myself.