The most despicable GOP ever!

Have you ever heard a shark complain about a dolphin? Or a snake complain about a squirrel?

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just did!

I had to read it a couple times, because I couldn’t believe it. Republicans complain that Democrats are too negative in their campaign. It had to be a joke, because blaming Obama for a negative campaign makes just as much sense as blaming a rape victim for Todd Akin. It’s ridiculous!

The negative part of the Obama campaign is probably that we ask for Romney’s tax returns. Republican candidates have been asking for them for a year, but back then it was not considered negative. Presidential candidates always show them to prove they paid the taxes they were supposed to pay, and the only reason there can be to not show them, would be if there is something wrong with them. It’s legitimate to ask for them and I don’t think it’s negative. It’s only an issue because Romney refuses to deal with it. He can solve this problem within an hour.

I think there has never been more hate than there is right now. And I’m pretty sure the ones who are spreading hate are not Democrats. Obama is doing his job. Trying to build up a country after it was burned down to the ground. And he never got any help trying to fix things. The last couple of years the GOP in Congress knew only one word and that is NO. No matter what it was about, if something was Obama’s idea, the answer was no and it was followed by blaming Obama for not being able to make certain things work.

In more decent times, if an Administration achieved something extraordinary, even political opponents had the decency and the respect to congratulate the President with it. Bin Laden’s death would have been one of those occasions. Not a word.

A bankrupt car industry, saved by the Administration and flourishing again would be worth some nice words also. Nothing. Wall Street crashed under Bush, but is doing fine now, important banks were about to crash, but were saved. Not a word. The Iraq war is over, troops came back home. Again, nothing. There is a new principle to not acknowledge any achievements this Administration made, to not even be happy with good news for the country. Only because they don’t like the one who achieved it.

Republicans nowadays ignore a lot of good news, focus on the bad news and make it look worse. They applaud statements that President Obama is a terrorist, that he is anti-American and so on. Even the decent Republicans never stood up for dignity, never showed some respect. They are silent while hard core Tea haters take over their party.

Long ago when George H. Bush gave his State of the Union during the first Gulf War, his political opponents had his back. In the end we were all living in the same country. In the end the big issues were important to all of us.

The GOP said goodbye to those days. They divided the Nation, called themselves the true Patriots and the rest of us an anti-American group of people who support a terrorist President who is most likely not even an American in the first place. They even refuse to call him President. Not an inch of respect. Nothing! The GOP went to a new low.

When Obama took office, this nation was in despair, there was a lot to deal with. No one has to be an Obama fan. No one has to agree with him, but if it’s about the big issues, we used to live in a country where in the end we were all Americans. We had our differences but no one called the other one a terrorist or an anti-American. We used to live in a country where, if big things happened, we were all happy. And no matter if the President was a Republican or a Democrat, it was still our President.

Those days are gone. High profiled Republicans called President Obama a terrorist from day one on and dumb uninformed people listened and actually believe they have an anti-American President. There is hate all over the place, spread by people who call themselves Christians. Never in history have there been so many low and false attacks, never has there been so much negativity. And not a single Republican has the style to say that it has been enough, and that we should have some respect.

Allegation after allegation. Four years in a row, day in, day out. Obama never called a Republican a terrorist, he never called them anti-American, he never called them communists, he never gave people the idea that hating Republicans is a good thing to do. All the hate comes from one side.

And now that side complains that Democrats are too negative because we want to see Romney’s tax returns?

We have to invent a new word, because calling them hypocrites would not cover it.


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