Romney’s racist birth certificate joke

Remember when they asked George W. Bush for his birth certificate? Or Clinton? The other Bush, Reagan, Carter?

Me neither!

We can in fact check out American

English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to...

English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the press the same day the White House released the long form of his birth certificate to dispel conspiracy theories surrounding his place of birth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

history all we want, but the birth control issue has never been important in cases of Presidents with roots in Ireland, England, Germany, Scandinavia and so on. It was never an issue, no matter where they came from.

But it happens to be the case that those who never worried about anyone’s birth certificate, all of a sudden started to worry in the case of the first black President American has ever had. Nothing to do with racism they say, but exactly now they start to worry.

The whole issue was brought up by Donald Trump, a true American Patriot who happens to marry women from Eastern Europe who, after finding out who he was, all of a sudden totally fell in love with his hair piece. Birth certificates were of course never an issue, his women came from abroad but they were white so it was no big deal.

Trump said he had secret information that Obama was not an American, Obama proved him wrong and ignorant as he is, Trump never even apologized for his lies but the issue seemed to be gone.

Yesterday Romney brought it back and that was a strategy.

Romney made a, what he would later call ‘joke’ about the birth certificate issue. He proudly said no one has ever asked him for his birth certificate, suggesting that it was clear that he was an American, but in the case of Barack Obama you would never know. And why? Because of race.

I don’t think we should see everything that happens as racism. Not all Republicans are racists and not all issues are race related. But some of them are. And I actually think, especially now that we’ve got a black President, a lot of them are.

And if I’m wrong, can anyone please explain why of all the white Presidents we had, who -just like all white people do- had roots abroad, it has never been an issue where they were born? Romney has roots in Mexico, did anyone ever wonder about his birth certificate? And if this is not a race issue, why are white Americans with ancestors in Europe more likely to be Americans than black Americans with roots in Africa?

There is no answer and because there is no answer, the real answer is that it is has got something to do with the color of President Obama his skin. This is a race issue and anyone who says it’s not, is hereby invited to give me a couple of reasons why they never asked other candidates for their birth certificate.

Make no mistake, what Romney did yesterday was no joke. And I’m writing this in an attempt to explain why it should be a very big deal.  It is maybe even one of the lowest things he did so far and that says a lot. He wanted to convince the bigots that he was with them. He wanted them to know that he was also a bigot. And while doing that he tried to convince decent people that it was a joke. He tried to get away with it, but he was actually trying to suggest again that Obama was not a real American. It was hidden in the ‘joke’ it was a smart and low way to bring this issue back. And after all the racist crap Obama got, there is no way you make a joke about that. Romney knows better, but he still chose to go this low.

We should be proud of our country and our first black President. His election was a sign that a lot of people are sick and tired of racism, a sign that we look at the person, not at the color of his skin. But once Obama was elected, opponents started calling him a terrorist, an anti-American, a moslem. All things that would have never been said if he would have been a white man. Obama’s election proved that a lot of people are on the right track, the reaction by some Republican bigots proves there is a long way to go before racism is no more.

And I’m actually surprised that Romney seems to get away with his ignorant joke. People don’t seem to care, or they seem to believe it was actually a joke. And that’s naïve. Not a single sentence said during the election campaign has no meaning. It is all practiced over and over again. And Romney clearly wanted to bring this issue back. An issue that is actually a race issue. He says he is against racism, but in a very tricky way he tried to satisfy those who do have a problem with the color of our Presidents skin.

A long time ago, when GOP candidates were battling who would become the GOP nominee, I was hoping it would be Romney. Not because I like him, but for the sake of dignity. It was not good, but at least better than Perry, Bachmann and other bigots. Romney seemed to have at least a little bit dignity, a little bit style. He seemed to be a person who wouldn’t use mean tricks to attack Obama because of the color of his skin. He didn’t agree with Obama, but that is ok. I didn’t expect him to go as low as other GOP candidates were willing to go. He even seemed to protect Obama against unbelievable ignorant racist allegations that were made, day in and day out, four years in a row. No President in history had to deal with so much mean and low crap. And Romney seemed to refuse to go there, he was not gonna try to convince people that Obama was an anti-American terrorist. Romney was different, he was decent compared to the others. Romney was going to try to become President with style. I never agreed with him but I hoped Romney would be the GOP candidate for the sake of dignity.

I was wrong.


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