Ron Paul, third Party?

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I still remember the moment I found out about Ron Paul. Wow, a Republican who doesn’t want war? One who doesn’t use strong war language? Someone who actually knows where certain countries are and still has no intention of going to war with them? It was Breaking News.

Those who know me will probably know that I disagree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues. I will never forget that debate where he suggested that someone who chose to not get health insurance, and needed treatment to save his life, created his own problem and it was not up to us to help him.

This post is absolutely not meant to show any support for Ron Paul, I agree with him on a lot of foreign policy issues, but it’s probably not a surprise that I disagree with him on social issues. I would never consider voting for him, but compared to the regular GOP leaders, who don’t know what they’re talking about, who can’t back anything up and who try to manipulate and scare people with lies, I can’t deny that Ron Paul is different.

The thing I like about Ron Paul is that he is honest. Other Republicans will tell you that no matter who you are and what you do, they will help you, Ron Paul says he won’t. He will do the things he thinks are important, and the rest is up to us. He won’t help you and he won’t stop you. No false promises or lies. This makes me believe that he is actually not a Republican, because he doesn’t have that pathological lying thing in him.

Ron Paul will never be elected President. Not a chance. A Republican who doesn’t want to go to war with all the countries surrounding Israel, will never be popular. A Republican who wants to use the army for defense instead of offense is not doing what Republicans are good at. On certain -but not all- issues he would actually fit in the classical liberalism, the first liberal ideology that said that you can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t bother others with it. An ideology that also says that no matter what your situation is, you shouldn’t expect the government to help.

This classical liberalism evolved into a more humane liberalism. Focused on freedom, but in case you really need help, the government is there to help you a little bit, to make sure that soon you will be able to take care of yourself again. Only those who really can’t take care of themselves can count on the State. This is the Liberalism we see in for example Europe, where it is considered to be a right wing ideology. The only country in the world where people consider Liberalism to be a left wing ideology, is America. It’s actually not. Socialism is left and is based on an equal life for all people. Liberalism is a right wing thing, based on equal chances for all people. It’s different.

Ron Paul may, on certain issues, be a classical Liberal, but on other issues he is pretty much a conservative. There is not really an ideology he fits in. He has a lot of young voters, you can almost call them fans, who are sick and tired of all those wars. His voters are not Tea Party people and that makes me wonder why Ron Paul never criticized that brain dead movement.  He is different. He doesn’t fit in because he is clear and honest about the issues and unlike all the other Republicans he is not promising things he can’t or won’t do.

Ron Paul is in a difficult position. As honest and clear as he wants to be, it is impossible for him to speak up about the current GOP. He must have a hard time not to laugh at people like Bachmann, Palin and Perry, but he can’t. If he would give his honest opinion about the GOP and it’s plans, he would in fact be campaigning for President Obama. Because as much as his ideas on social issues differ from Obama’s fantastic ideas, there is no way that Ron Paul would approve of whatever the GOP is doing lately.

The thing I like about him is that in the middle of Hell, surrounded by a whole bunch of Conservative Christian Tea party people, he said he didn’t want to blindly support everything Israel did, he didn’t want to go to war with everybody. He was honest, but by doing so, also committed Political suicide. Democrats will never vote for Ron Paul because we disagree with him on social issues. True Conservatives will never vote for Ron Paul, because he doesn’t use the strong war language most Tea People are addicted to, and he doesn’t lie enough to trick them.

Ron Paul is a politician. He knows what he should and shouldn’t say. This puts him in a difficult position. He may be a member of the GOP, but he is actually not a Republican. He could get 15, maybe even 20% of the vote. It will never be enough to be elected President but it will be enough to have some influence.

Ron Paul’s credibility is at stake. And that is caused by GOP and Tea people who continue to say and do the most ridiculous things. And if Paul would give his honest opinion, he would be campaigning against his own party. But if he doesn’t give his honest opinion, he will lose that thing people like about him, being clear and honest. Lately it happens more often that Ron Paul doesn’t comment on what happens.  He can’t, he is still a Republican. And as long as that is the case, he risks his credibility.

A lot of people would like to have more than just two serious parties in America. Most democracies work better if there are three, maybe four options to choose from. For myself I just need one option, but with all the different opinions there are, I can imagine that there are a lot of people who want to have more than two options.

If there is anyone who could make a third party successful it would be Ron Paul. Not only will he be free to say what he wants without being afraid of the consequences his words have for the GOP, but it will also change the whole political landscape. Congress would do a better job if things don’t always go along two party lines because it would be impossible for one party to block everything the other party wants. There would be a third party to negotiate with.

Ron Paul can do us all a favor. Himself in particular. He doesn’t fit in the GOP and the difference between him and his party grows bigger day by day. And the longer he doesn’t speak up against them, the more his credibility is at stake. Ron Paul will never be President. But he can become the first one who can make a third party successful. And by doing so, he would change American Politics. And I think it’s about time.


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