Todd Akin, a new Tea Party low?

Just when we all thought that it was impossible for Tea Party People to become more evil, there was Todd Akin saying that women can’t get pregnant from ‘legitimate rape’.

A Statement he later on of course said was misspoken. Very interesting, because if he didn’t mean exactly what he said, then what did he mean? How else can you mean a line like that? And if we look at the context it proves he did mean what he said.

He said that he had understood from doctors that a woman has some kind of natural alarm system that makes sure that whenever she is raped, her body doesn’t work the way it works if she is having voluntary sex. She wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. And this was supposed to be an important statement in the discussion about abortions for rape victims.

If we look at the context it is beyond any doubt, that what Akin was trying to say is that women use rape as an excuse to get an abortion. In his mind they actually liked having sex because otherwise they wouldn’t be pregnant so there was no rape. Because if it’s legitimate rape, she wouldn’t be pregnant.

The goal Todd Akin had was not to talk about rape, he was talking about abortions for rape victims and what he meant is that it is impossible to need an abortion after being raped because if you are pregnant, there has been no rape.

After the social and the regular media started to puke all over him because of his statement, he came up with some lame excuse that he never meant it like this. But if we look at the quote and the context of his story, there is no way that he could have meant anything else than exactly what he said.

I don’t know if this is a new Tea Party low. Over the last years we got used to a lot of idiots. Limbaugh’s ‘Women who are on birth control are sluts’, was followed by ‘there is no war on women’. After this Todd Akin scam, the GOP campaign staff will without a doubt come up with some nice quotes for women over the next couple days. Then in a while the next Tea idiot will complain that he saw a kitchen without a woman in it to clean it up, followed by ‘there is no war on women’. After that we will hear that ‘women are strong enough to fight for equal pay themselves’ as a lame excuse so they don’t have to deal with the issue. Of course followed by ‘there is no war on women’.

In reality there is not only a war on women, there is also a war on immigrants, except when they try to win the Latino vote. There is a war on the middle class but whenever they are confronted with the consequences of their policies for the middle class, they will say the middle class is very important to them. They will say there is no war on Islam, but just as a coincidence it’s always Americans with roots in the Middle East who are questioned by Tea People if they are Bin Laden fans or not. Of course Tea People claim to not be racists, but they never ever claimed that any white Democrat who was President was Moslem, they never asked Bill Clinton for his birth certificate, but they stalk the first black President the USA ever had, with stuff like that all the time. Followed by claiming they are against racism.

And after every despicable act, they come up with ‘we didn’t mean it like that’ or ‘I misspoke’, followed by complaining that the Democrats are being so negative in their campaign.

Every now and then Tea People come up with something so disgusting that you think it can’t get any worse. And every time they prove you wrong. If there is one thing clear it’s that the self-proclaimed Tea Christians don’t know any low. They don’t have any morals. The only thing they have to do with morals is that they talk about them all the time.

We want to stay decent and that makes it hard to fight to pure Tea evil. They’re on a level that is lower than anything has ever been in history. They want to tear this country down and they will use any means necessary to get what they want. Todd Akin was willing to say that women are not raped if they got pregnant. That women who have been destroyed by something so horrible, are complaining about nothing and use rape it as an excuse to get an abortion. Make no mistake, look at the context. It is exactly what he meant!

And the only thing we can do is to make sure they won’t get away with it. We had to listen to despicable crap long enough. And it gets worse and worse, and every time they try to get away with it by saying they never meant it like that. It is time we won’t let them get away with it. It is time we will let them know that we don’t buy their lame excuses any longer, that we let the world know how low and immoral these Tea People really are.

We can’t fight them with violence, but we can continue to confront the world with these things. And if we do, there will be a moment that the decent part of the Republicans will conclude that they don’t want to be a part of this any longer. We should never forget these issues and continue to talk about it, is the only way to fight this kind of evil. If we wont let idiots like Todd Akin get away with this, then maybe someday they will stop confronting us with their hateful crap.




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