How to deal with Tea People?

It is not that long ago that the Tea Party was introduced to us. There had already been a small Tea movement before but the Tea Party as we know it, was launched in response to Barack Obama’s Presidency, by conservative Republicans who apparently thought that the GOP was not conservative enough and who are somehow convinced that this country is going in the wrong direction.

Before I will share my thoughts on the Tea Party and my ideas how to fight them, I need to make a couple of things clear. I am not talking about all Republicans. There are people who are actually informed and who have a different opinion on the big issues. I don’t mean to call them stupid or evil, they’re allowed to have a different opinion. If we search real good, we might even be able to find one or two convinced Tea Party members who actually know what they’re talking about, who’s principles are not based on hate or being uninformed, but who are convinced that life was better in the 50’s. I don’t agree with them on anything, but I also don’t mean to insult them.

I’m going to discuss average Tea People and their leaders. Often it seems as if they are all the same. But I don’t think that is the case. And to figure out how to fight them, and to try to teach some of them some decent morals, it is important to know who we are dealing with.

In my opinion there are two different sorts of Tea leaders. First of all we have got the uninformed ones, Palin, Bachmann, Perry and so on. They are able to communicate certain issues in a way that makes their fans cheer. Their electorate wants to hear strong language and they deliver. Behind those strong words however, it’s hard to find any knowledge. They know how to give a speech, they know what their people want to hear, but as soon as a journalist asks them three questions about a certain issue, they will fail completely. We all remember what happened when Sarah Palin had to answer tough questions about the issues. She was stuttering all over the place, no idea what to answer. It’s those people who complain about Libya, but if you show them a map they would never find it. It’s those who talk about the economy and that they want to fix it, but if you ask them how exactly they want to do it, they are unable to give you more details than the line they began with. They want to fix it, that’s all. They use strong language but they can’t back it up with any knowledge. And they usually get away with it by avoiding complicated interviews, and by spreading their ideas amongst those who won’t question them in the first place. And even though their ideas are dangerous, as a person they are not of much danger. They may be able to get a seat in Congress, in some States they may even be able to become Governor. But they will never ever be President or GOP leader, simply because average Republicans realize that they haven’t got enough knowledge to do the job.

More dangerous are other Tea leaders. People like Gingrich or Santorum. They have the same ideas, but they actually also have a brain to back certain things up with. They’re good communicators who are able to manipulate their way through the issues. And they are not afraid to scare people off with lies.

A couple months ago Rick Santorum was campaigning in a very conservative village where he tried to compare the Obama Administration to European countries. In some European countries Euthanasia is legal, as long as people are very sick, with no chance of recovery and if they are in unbearable pain. It’s in fact very complicated to get permission to legally end your life. Several doctors have to agree, and there are a lot of people in a lot of pain who have been fighting in court for years because doctors don’t agree with their wish. There is no example, not a single one, of people who died against their will because of euthanasia.

Santorum, campaigning in a village, wanted to scare people off. He told a story about European countries, where the elderly walked around with bracelets and notes saying ‘please don’t kill me’ whenever they had to go to hospital.  According to Santorum that happened because in Europe the elderly are being murdered, put to death, whether they wanted it or not. He convinced those who listened that this was a normal thing in Europe and if we would reelect Barack Obama it would also become normal in America. Better write a note to the doctor, or else he might kill you. The audience was shocked, some people cried, others cancelled their vacation to Europe.

The story is of course a fairy tale. Not a single person in Europe has a note with ‘please don’t kill me’ on it, if they go to the doctor. Not a single example was given. Conservative organizations in Europe, who are against euthanasia, said that Santorum shouldn’t come up with lies about issues like this, stated that they never heard of such a story, and that this was not the way to reach their goal. It’s totally made up. It’s not a small story that got bigger. There was no story to begin with. A complete lie. But Santorum got what he wanted. He scared people off, he got them to cancel their vacation to Europe and the elderly who listened to his speech hated Obama even more after hearing this. Because if Santorum says that Obama wants these things to happen in the USA, then it must be true. And an hour later Obama was a murderer, and they hated him even more.

This is one example how despicable and manipulative Tea Leaders can be. Scaring people off, brainwashing them with lies. Mainstream media checked this story and concluded that it was a complete lie, but his audience doesn’t watch mainstream Media. They watch Fox and Fox has no intention to fact check stories like this. And while we all know it is a lie, there are probably still people spreading this story around, scared to death by it and by how America will turn into a country that kills the elderly, under the Obama Administration.

If we switch from Tea leaders to regular Tea people, the voters, there are also different sorts of them. Almost all of them have in common that they are in church every Sunday. They also have in common that whenever they leave church, they forgot what they learned. They just heard a story about how Jesus preached forgiveness and love, but once they left church they call the cops because there is homeless guy hanging out in their street.

Some Tea people will know that for example the story I just described that Santorum told, is probably not true. But they don’t care and they will use it anyway. Whatever is needed to scare people. It is legitimate as long as it will make people hate Obama. It’s these people who are filled with hate, it’s these people who want the world to know that they go to church and that they are devoted Christians, but if some Governor proudly says how many people he executed, they are the first to cheer. They don’t care about others, they care about themselves and their community. They don’t like moslems, but they’re not allowed to say that so they come up with stories that suggest that all moslems are terrorists. They claim to be not racist at all, but wait what happens if their son or daughter will date a black boy or girl.

A couple days ago I complained on Twitter that it’s ridiculous that women still don’t get equal pay. A female Tea person replied that she didn’t need the government to meddle in because women were strong enough to take care of themselves. I asked her that if it works like that, then why is there in fact no equal pay? Then the answer, was that I had to ask Obama why he was so unfair to women.

This is the standard conversation with Tea people. First they deny a problem, if they can’t get away with it, they blame the President, less than a minute after they said that the President shouldn’t meddle in. Facts don’t matter. Logic and reason don’t matter. They don’t want to talk about issues, they want to blame Obama! Obama standing up for equal pay, more than any President ever did, doesn’t matter. It’s his fault.

I don’t think we should waste too much time on people like this. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth, they don’t even try to get it right. All they want is to get rid of this President, to guarantee that they can live their lives in a society that is not allowed to change. And anyone who wants things to change is the enemy. Life was good for them, and even though they learn in church that the intention should be that not only the lucky people but all of us should have the right to a decent life, they don’t seem to care about it. They will say that People on food stamps are all lazy and if a 40 year old widow who is raising three kids while working two jobs still can’t pay for healthcare for her kids, then she should find a third job and if that’s impossible then it’s her own responsibility. ‘Why should I pay for her, I never asked anyone for help’ is the common answer these ‘Christians’ will give you. They don’t want to acknowledge in what kind of trouble some people really are, they just don’t care. And even though it never ever worked, they favor lame solutions as giving tax cuts to the rich so that their wealth will spread to those who need it as a solution for all problems.

To try to convince the neighbors and fellow ‘Christians’ how much they care, they will go to some charity once in a while, do fun stuff and eat and drink all day. And if there are some hamburgers left at the end of the day they will throw them on the street in front of a homeless shelter and their conscience is cleared. There is no hope that Tea people like this will ever become decent. They just don’t care and only a miracle can help them.

It’s not against the law to be evil or dumb or whatever word we want to use for it. Lately though, I started discussing certain issues with a Tea person who actually turns out to be not stupid. Uninformed or misinformed would be a better word. She was told that if the Democrats ‘took over’ the homeless would be rich and the rich would be homeless. She was told that Democrats think it should be mandatory for her kids to have a gay teacher, who would probably be having sex with his boyfriend while the kids were watching. The richest people on the planet, she was told, were people on food stamps, who all owned I-Phones, a big car and could afford all the pleasures in life, paid for by hard working Republicans. Of course Obama also ruined the economy, was a moslem who wants to take over America and he was of course against the Constitution. And it was pretty much a proven fact that Obama was not an American.

What she thought was pretty much the average Tea crap and the average lies that Tea People tell or what they are told.

So my first reaction was, how can you be so stupid to believe all that crap? This person though, was not a dumb, nor a bad person. And confronted with another opinion she was willing to think about what she heard. She started checking things out herself and came to the conclusion that what she has been told all her life were a bunch of lies. And she is now recovering from those lies.

It made me realize that not all Tea People are evil or dumb. Let’s be honest, a lot of them are. But those who grew up in a conservative environment, where everybody repeats the same things over and over again, where people still think that Fox is actually a News Channel, maybe they really can’t help it. If you repeat a lie long enough, for some people it will end up being a fact.

These people are actually victims of a brainwashing campaign. The example I gave about Santorum and euthanasia is one of those lies that became a fact for many people and if there is no one around who explains that it’s actually a lie, then how are people supposed to know? The person I talk about was spreading lies herself, without even realizing it. I’m convinced that many Tea people don’t know what they’re voting for, they got scared by lies. They’re brainwashed. And in my idea of what to think about the brainwashed part of the Tea movement, I started to realize that feeling sorry for some of them is maybe better than to think they are stupid.

Some of them actually are open to find out how things really are. Those are the ones who grew up with lies and never heard anything else. Those are the ones who would never ever vote for Tea if they realize what they were voting for. They are voting for pure hate, but they think they are voting against it.

The best way to convert those people, is not to block them from social media or ignore them, but is by doing what Democrats can do best. It’s the same thing most Tea People are allergic for. Present facts. Keep confronting them with how things really are and back your opinion up with facts and statistics. Those who don’t want to see the light never will. Ignoring them is the best option. But for the brainwashed Tea People there is still hope. And it’s up to us to show them how things really are.


2 Responses to How to deal with Tea People?

  1. There are none so blind as those who would not see..There is no such thing as the “Tea Party”-there is no official registration or even “party” status-They should be renamed the “Jackass club” because they tend to accumulate all the detritus. A while ago I wasted my time trying to show them facts,not any more. I will not get tied up in their dramas or their lies.
    Having deeply delved into the Nazi groupthink, I see so many corollaries. The same people who supported the Nazi party are still responsible for the funding and indoctrination of these village idiots. I fail to understand why such a small minority of people are given such prominence (maybe it has to do w/$$$?) . Enough smoking gun and mirrors. They are free to have their views. I will not enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. What makes America great is there can be such a diversity of opinions. There will always be the KKK,Tea Party,etc to distract us and entertain us. The key is we cannot be distracted or enamored of the glittery bits. We have work to do.

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