What should happen with Assange?

Being a liberal, I have to admit that the, as I call it, Tea disease, has probably also infected some fellow Liberals. With Tea disease I mean the idea of moral superiority, the person who is writing, talking, tweeting is right and everyone who doesn’t agree for a hundred percent is an idiot. Pretty often opinions are treated as if they are facts, even though they are not.

Unfortunately within the Liberal world there are some people who are so convinced about their opinion, that everyone who doesn’t completely agree is either naïve, an idiot, a GOP spy and some will even call you a retard.

All the examples I just gave were yelled at me recently by self-proclaimed Liberals after I tweeted my opinion about Julian Assange. And even though it’s not really Liberal to try to forbid someone a different opinion, I recognize the fact that people are allowed to call themselves Liberal, even though they’re not really behaving like one.

Since he started Wikileaks, Assange is hated by a lot of people and loved by others. And since he is suspected of rape and England was asked to extradite him to Sweden, this whole case got out of control. Those who like him say that his haters try to trick him, those who hate him say that he is using the fact that he is hated as an excuse to get away with rape. I have no opinion.

The Assange case is a difficult one, with a lot of claims of conspiracy. Claims that can’t be disproved but there is also no proof for them, so whatever the opinion about it is, it is an opinion, and people shouldn’t treat their opinion as if it is a fact. And people sure shouldn’t feel so high and mighty as if their opinion is the only option.

It is at least strange how all those people who are against Wikileaks have already decided that Assange is guilty of rape, just like those who support Wikileaks already seem to know that he is innocent. The reality is, we all don’t know. It’s funny and also sad, that with a serious charge like rape, political views seem to decide whether someone is guilty or not.

Assange doesn’t want to be extradited to Sweden because he says he fears that after he dealt with his case there, Sweden will extradite him to the USA for Wikileaks related charges that may follow. And Assange may be right. But on the other hand, does that mean that he is a higher citizen than all the others? Does that mean that if he is suspected of rape, it should not be investigated? Some people don’t take the rape issue seriously because they say it’s all a scam. Could be, but again, we don’t know. And on the other hand, imagine a loved one was raped, and the one who did it gets away with it, just by saying it’s a scam. It’s difficult how to deal with this.

Who knows how serious these claims are? I don’t. And those who talk all high and mighty about it, also don’t know. If Assange is innocent of rape, then this might be a scam, to get him extradited to the USA. If Assange is guilty of rape, then he is using the conspiracy theory to try to get away with it. I don’t have an opinion about him being guilty or not. I do, however, have an opinion about what should happen.

Rape is a very serious crime. And no matter if Assange, the Pope, President Obama or Romney is suspect in a case like that, it’s not an option to just let it go. Claiming that it’s a conspiracy is not enough. He is not a suspect in a littering case, he is suspected of rape. A horrible crime if true, and horrible allegations it they turn out to be false.

Assange offered to be extradited to Sweden as long as Sweden promised to not extradite him to the USA afterwards. A request that is impossible by Swedish law. Those who support Assange say ‘well he offered it, which proves that he is innocent’ but those who don’t support him say ‘he knew it was an impossible offer, therefore it doesn’t mean anything’. Again, we just don’t know.

I think though, that Assange should be extradited to Sweden and I have a couple of reasons for that. First of all as I mentioned earlier, a rape case is such a big deal, there is no way we can just let it go. I’m not saying he is guilty, I’m saying that it should be investigated. Second of all, even the most cynical people who like to see a conspiracy behind every tree, never had anything to complain about Sweden. It is pretty much the most decent country in the world, it is a country with a lot of integrity, it will never and has never been immoral and it will always put it’s principles above anything else. If it wasn’t for this case, Wikileaks would probably declare Sweden the most trustworthy Nation on the planet. And I don’t believe Sweden would join a scam to get Assange extradited to the USA. And if others, wanted to trick Assange, Sweden would be the last country they would ask for help.

There is also a third reason. At the moment Wikileaks is no more. No one talks about it anymore, the only issue is it’s founder. And if he is innocent, then there is only one option for Assange to deal with that. Go to Sweden and let the world find out that he is innocent. He would not only be the moral winner, he would also save Wikileaks. It doesn’t matter what my opinion about Wikileaks is. This was his thing. He thought this was extremely important. And if he ever wants Wikileaks to dominate the news again, the only way to do that is to clear his name. And if that happens, then it’s on. The USA hasn’t charged Assange with anything yet, but if the USA will ask Sweden to extradite him, the whole world will be watching. And people have a lot of power. Sweden will decide whether he can be extradited or not and i’ve never heard a reason why I should not trust the Swedish Justice System.

If Assange is innocent then this is a horrible situation for him. But even then, the founder of Wikileaks has only one option to restore what he started.

If he doesn’t defend himself, Wikileaks and Assange will for always be infected by these allegations. Assange will say he was framed. His opponents will say he framed others. And we will never know.


2 Responses to What should happen with Assange?

  1. False rape charges have been leveled at ppl before to put them in their place. If that was all he had to face I would be with you but we know what the US is willing to those who disagree with the ones in power ie waterboarding and other tortures. I can’t blame him for being scared!! We still have ppl in Gauntanimo that they can’t even prove they guilty of ANYTHING!!

  2. linnyitssn says:

    True! I know the Us doesn’t like him. But i can’t imagine Sweden seriously suspecting him of rape if they have no good reason to at least investigate it. And i think there are two different cases. One is being a suspect of rape and can’t be ignored. The other one is Wikileaks related. And if he turns out to be innocent of the first, then the Swedish Justice system is probably the best in the world to guarantee him his rights.

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