Hello world!

Hello world,

I’m starting this blog to -as many users will probably try to do- spread my thoughts and ideas about a lot of issues. Most of them will be related to News and Politics. I was born in South Africa, I also lived in Europe for a long time and ended up in New York City where i not only started to feel American, i actually became one.

Having lived on three different continents, one gets a different view on the world. That doesn’t mean that I’m always right, but I guess it’s inevitable that you compare certain things with how they function elsewhere.

It’s probably impossible to take the best of each continent and create a perfect country, but sometimes it’s hard to not criticize things like the American Justice System once you see that most other first world countries have a so much better record in so many ways.

It’s also hard to not criticize the way many European countries are holding their citizens back, not stimulating them to work, create and develop things, because whatever they do, they will be doing it for the Country they live in, to be left with only a couple of crumbs of what they made.

Then again it’s also hard to hear Americans complain about taxes because there is no first world democracy where taxes are as low as they are in America.

The way religion influences life, the news and politics in America also keeps on surprising me. Anywhere else in the world Christians have just about exact opposite views on everything compared to what Christians (especially the conservatives) in America believe. I’m not going to be the referee and decide where they got it right and where not. But I’m probably going to make some comments about it once in a while.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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