Watch out for the Tealiban

Taliban border guard in Torkham, Afghanistan.

Taliban border guard in Torkham, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I write this. American soldiers are risking their lives in Afghanistan, trying to fight religious extremists who want to force the rest of the world to live the way they think it should be. They changed the meaning of their religion and want to force all people to live by their self-made rules. It’s the exact opposite of freedom, it’s dangerous and it’s good that we are not giving them the chance.

And not only should we deny the Taliban the chance to do that, we should deny all religious groups the chance. There are not only extremists in Afghanistan, we also got them at home. In the land of the free, there is a movement that wants to force us all to live by their rules. Let’s call them Tealiban.

The Tealiban talks about freedom a lot. They even talk about freedom of religion. They do however want to forbid you to get an abortion if you’re raped because their interpretation of their religion says you can’t do it. If people are gay and want to get married they are not allowed to do it, because their interpretation of a religion forbids it. We can go through their whole agenda, none of it will turn out to have anything to do with freedom. They mention it a lot, but the only freedom they care about is that they will have the freedom to tell the rest of us what to do.

The Taliban and the Tealiban, their goal is the same. They want to forbid anyone who doesn’t agree with them, to live their lives the way they want to. The Tealiban’s methods, low as they are, are more decent than the methods their partners in Afghanistan use, but their goal is exactly the same.

This week the Tealiban is gathered in Tampa for the GOP convention. So far our troops have not been ordered to fight them there. Which is strange because why would we not allow one religious group to dictate our lives, but it’s ok if another group does it?

I don’t think any religion should be the foundation of a political system. A country should have a system based on rules made by human beings, not by a two thousand year old book that was written in an era in which the biggest challenge was to not be eaten by a bear.

But if people desperately want to use a religion to tell us how to live, then the first thing they should do is try to get it right! Somewhere between Jesus asking for a stay of all executions and his followers who can’t stop cheering executions, there seems to be a gap of information. Somewhere between Jesus who cared about those who were in need, even if it was their own fault, and his followers who refuse to help others because it’s their own responsibility, there seems to be some miscommunication. Somewhere between Jesus saying we shouldn’t judge others and a Tea movement that can’t stop judging women, gays, black, poor, sick and unemployed people, something must have gone wrong.

I don’t want to go too much into what Jesus did or didn’t do because I think it should be totally irrelevant for our political system. But the fact that the Tealiban doesn’t even try to do what their religion tells them to do, proves that their goal is something else. They use their religion to scare people off, to manipulate them, to brainwash them, to make them believe they know what God wants. They abuse a religion for political reasons.

While I write this there is a hurricane heading towards New Orleans. Yesterday I predicted that without a doubt Tealiban people were gonna say that this hurricane was a warning from God who tries to tell us that our country is going in the wrong direction. Today Michele Bachmann delivered.

If you ask Bachmann what God exactly meant with hurricane Katrina she won’t give you an answer. We had a Republican President back then, who pretty much exactly did what the Tealiban wants to happen, so there is not really an explanation. God wasn’t angry with us, it was just a disaster. But in this case it’s different. Obama is President now. Katrina meant nothing cuz we had Bush. Now we have Obama so now it’s a warning from God. Makes sense right?

You would expect that people are not dumb enough to be brainwashed by crap like this. But if someone says it’s Gods will, they won’t question it, because no one wants to argue with God. And for a lot of bible belt Christians it is now a fact that this hurricane is a warning from God. Things need to change, we have to get rid of Obama, even God said so, through the words of apostle Bachmann.

Let’s go back to the Taliban. They preach that their God hates America, their God hates Jews. They brainwash their people to fight against America, against Israel, based on wrong interpretations of a book. Their first victims are their own people, who totally brainwashed, hate us from the bottom of their hearts. Because they were told, almost forced, to hate us.

And at home we have the Tealiban. The Tealiban tries to abuse religion to tell you that God hates Obama, God hates liberals, God hates Democrats. And just like the Taliban, they base it on their interpretations of a book.

If we compare the Taliban to the Tealiban, there are not so many differences. Both try to brainwash their people, both will only allow you the freedom to agree with them, both use a God to try to get you to do what they want. Both use a God to try to spread hate against their opponents. Both abuse their religion to reach their own political goals. Both are enemies of freedom.

The only difference between the Taliban and the Tealiban is that the latter doesn’t use armed force yet. They probably won’t kill you if you don’t agree with them.

But both are an extreme danger to that one thing that is holy to all of us. They’re both a danger for the most important thing we have. Our freedom! And to protect our freedom, we should fight everyone who wants to take it away. The Taliban in Afghanistan and the Tealiban at home.


The most despicable GOP ever!

Have you ever heard a shark complain about a dolphin? Or a snake complain about a squirrel?

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just did!

I had to read it a couple times, because I couldn’t believe it. Republicans complain that Democrats are too negative in their campaign. It had to be a joke, because blaming Obama for a negative campaign makes just as much sense as blaming a rape victim for Todd Akin. It’s ridiculous!

The negative part of the Obama campaign is probably that we ask for Romney’s tax returns. Republican candidates have been asking for them for a year, but back then it was not considered negative. Presidential candidates always show them to prove they paid the taxes they were supposed to pay, and the only reason there can be to not show them, would be if there is something wrong with them. It’s legitimate to ask for them and I don’t think it’s negative. It’s only an issue because Romney refuses to deal with it. He can solve this problem within an hour.

I think there has never been more hate than there is right now. And I’m pretty sure the ones who are spreading hate are not Democrats. Obama is doing his job. Trying to build up a country after it was burned down to the ground. And he never got any help trying to fix things. The last couple of years the GOP in Congress knew only one word and that is NO. No matter what it was about, if something was Obama’s idea, the answer was no and it was followed by blaming Obama for not being able to make certain things work.

In more decent times, if an Administration achieved something extraordinary, even political opponents had the decency and the respect to congratulate the President with it. Bin Laden’s death would have been one of those occasions. Not a word.

A bankrupt car industry, saved by the Administration and flourishing again would be worth some nice words also. Nothing. Wall Street crashed under Bush, but is doing fine now, important banks were about to crash, but were saved. Not a word. The Iraq war is over, troops came back home. Again, nothing. There is a new principle to not acknowledge any achievements this Administration made, to not even be happy with good news for the country. Only because they don’t like the one who achieved it.

Republicans nowadays ignore a lot of good news, focus on the bad news and make it look worse. They applaud statements that President Obama is a terrorist, that he is anti-American and so on. Even the decent Republicans never stood up for dignity, never showed some respect. They are silent while hard core Tea haters take over their party.

Long ago when George H. Bush gave his State of the Union during the first Gulf War, his political opponents had his back. In the end we were all living in the same country. In the end the big issues were important to all of us.

The GOP said goodbye to those days. They divided the Nation, called themselves the true Patriots and the rest of us an anti-American group of people who support a terrorist President who is most likely not even an American in the first place. They even refuse to call him President. Not an inch of respect. Nothing! The GOP went to a new low.

When Obama took office, this nation was in despair, there was a lot to deal with. No one has to be an Obama fan. No one has to agree with him, but if it’s about the big issues, we used to live in a country where in the end we were all Americans. We had our differences but no one called the other one a terrorist or an anti-American. We used to live in a country where, if big things happened, we were all happy. And no matter if the President was a Republican or a Democrat, it was still our President.

Those days are gone. High profiled Republicans called President Obama a terrorist from day one on and dumb uninformed people listened and actually believe they have an anti-American President. There is hate all over the place, spread by people who call themselves Christians. Never in history have there been so many low and false attacks, never has there been so much negativity. And not a single Republican has the style to say that it has been enough, and that we should have some respect.

Allegation after allegation. Four years in a row, day in, day out. Obama never called a Republican a terrorist, he never called them anti-American, he never called them communists, he never gave people the idea that hating Republicans is a good thing to do. All the hate comes from one side.

And now that side complains that Democrats are too negative because we want to see Romney’s tax returns?

We have to invent a new word, because calling them hypocrites would not cover it.

Romney’s racist birth certificate joke

Remember when they asked George W. Bush for his birth certificate? Or Clinton? The other Bush, Reagan, Carter?

Me neither!

We can in fact check out American

English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to...

English: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the press the same day the White House released the long form of his birth certificate to dispel conspiracy theories surrounding his place of birth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

history all we want, but the birth control issue has never been important in cases of Presidents with roots in Ireland, England, Germany, Scandinavia and so on. It was never an issue, no matter where they came from.

But it happens to be the case that those who never worried about anyone’s birth certificate, all of a sudden started to worry in the case of the first black President American has ever had. Nothing to do with racism they say, but exactly now they start to worry.

The whole issue was brought up by Donald Trump, a true American Patriot who happens to marry women from Eastern Europe who, after finding out who he was, all of a sudden totally fell in love with his hair piece. Birth certificates were of course never an issue, his women came from abroad but they were white so it was no big deal.

Trump said he had secret information that Obama was not an American, Obama proved him wrong and ignorant as he is, Trump never even apologized for his lies but the issue seemed to be gone.

Yesterday Romney brought it back and that was a strategy.

Romney made a, what he would later call ‘joke’ about the birth certificate issue. He proudly said no one has ever asked him for his birth certificate, suggesting that it was clear that he was an American, but in the case of Barack Obama you would never know. And why? Because of race.

I don’t think we should see everything that happens as racism. Not all Republicans are racists and not all issues are race related. But some of them are. And I actually think, especially now that we’ve got a black President, a lot of them are.

And if I’m wrong, can anyone please explain why of all the white Presidents we had, who -just like all white people do- had roots abroad, it has never been an issue where they were born? Romney has roots in Mexico, did anyone ever wonder about his birth certificate? And if this is not a race issue, why are white Americans with ancestors in Europe more likely to be Americans than black Americans with roots in Africa?

There is no answer and because there is no answer, the real answer is that it is has got something to do with the color of President Obama his skin. This is a race issue and anyone who says it’s not, is hereby invited to give me a couple of reasons why they never asked other candidates for their birth certificate.

Make no mistake, what Romney did yesterday was no joke. And I’m writing this in an attempt to explain why it should be a very big deal.  It is maybe even one of the lowest things he did so far and that says a lot. He wanted to convince the bigots that he was with them. He wanted them to know that he was also a bigot. And while doing that he tried to convince decent people that it was a joke. He tried to get away with it, but he was actually trying to suggest again that Obama was not a real American. It was hidden in the ‘joke’ it was a smart and low way to bring this issue back. And after all the racist crap Obama got, there is no way you make a joke about that. Romney knows better, but he still chose to go this low.

We should be proud of our country and our first black President. His election was a sign that a lot of people are sick and tired of racism, a sign that we look at the person, not at the color of his skin. But once Obama was elected, opponents started calling him a terrorist, an anti-American, a moslem. All things that would have never been said if he would have been a white man. Obama’s election proved that a lot of people are on the right track, the reaction by some Republican bigots proves there is a long way to go before racism is no more.

And I’m actually surprised that Romney seems to get away with his ignorant joke. People don’t seem to care, or they seem to believe it was actually a joke. And that’s naïve. Not a single sentence said during the election campaign has no meaning. It is all practiced over and over again. And Romney clearly wanted to bring this issue back. An issue that is actually a race issue. He says he is against racism, but in a very tricky way he tried to satisfy those who do have a problem with the color of our Presidents skin.

A long time ago, when GOP candidates were battling who would become the GOP nominee, I was hoping it would be Romney. Not because I like him, but for the sake of dignity. It was not good, but at least better than Perry, Bachmann and other bigots. Romney seemed to have at least a little bit dignity, a little bit style. He seemed to be a person who wouldn’t use mean tricks to attack Obama because of the color of his skin. He didn’t agree with Obama, but that is ok. I didn’t expect him to go as low as other GOP candidates were willing to go. He even seemed to protect Obama against unbelievable ignorant racist allegations that were made, day in and day out, four years in a row. No President in history had to deal with so much mean and low crap. And Romney seemed to refuse to go there, he was not gonna try to convince people that Obama was an anti-American terrorist. Romney was different, he was decent compared to the others. Romney was going to try to become President with style. I never agreed with him but I hoped Romney would be the GOP candidate for the sake of dignity.

I was wrong.

Ron Paul, third Party?

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I still remember the moment I found out about Ron Paul. Wow, a Republican who doesn’t want war? One who doesn’t use strong war language? Someone who actually knows where certain countries are and still has no intention of going to war with them? It was Breaking News.

Those who know me will probably know that I disagree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues. I will never forget that debate where he suggested that someone who chose to not get health insurance, and needed treatment to save his life, created his own problem and it was not up to us to help him.

This post is absolutely not meant to show any support for Ron Paul, I agree with him on a lot of foreign policy issues, but it’s probably not a surprise that I disagree with him on social issues. I would never consider voting for him, but compared to the regular GOP leaders, who don’t know what they’re talking about, who can’t back anything up and who try to manipulate and scare people with lies, I can’t deny that Ron Paul is different.

The thing I like about Ron Paul is that he is honest. Other Republicans will tell you that no matter who you are and what you do, they will help you, Ron Paul says he won’t. He will do the things he thinks are important, and the rest is up to us. He won’t help you and he won’t stop you. No false promises or lies. This makes me believe that he is actually not a Republican, because he doesn’t have that pathological lying thing in him.

Ron Paul will never be elected President. Not a chance. A Republican who doesn’t want to go to war with all the countries surrounding Israel, will never be popular. A Republican who wants to use the army for defense instead of offense is not doing what Republicans are good at. On certain -but not all- issues he would actually fit in the classical liberalism, the first liberal ideology that said that you can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t bother others with it. An ideology that also says that no matter what your situation is, you shouldn’t expect the government to help.

This classical liberalism evolved into a more humane liberalism. Focused on freedom, but in case you really need help, the government is there to help you a little bit, to make sure that soon you will be able to take care of yourself again. Only those who really can’t take care of themselves can count on the State. This is the Liberalism we see in for example Europe, where it is considered to be a right wing ideology. The only country in the world where people consider Liberalism to be a left wing ideology, is America. It’s actually not. Socialism is left and is based on an equal life for all people. Liberalism is a right wing thing, based on equal chances for all people. It’s different.

Ron Paul may, on certain issues, be a classical Liberal, but on other issues he is pretty much a conservative. There is not really an ideology he fits in. He has a lot of young voters, you can almost call them fans, who are sick and tired of all those wars. His voters are not Tea Party people and that makes me wonder why Ron Paul never criticized that brain dead movement.  He is different. He doesn’t fit in because he is clear and honest about the issues and unlike all the other Republicans he is not promising things he can’t or won’t do.

Ron Paul is in a difficult position. As honest and clear as he wants to be, it is impossible for him to speak up about the current GOP. He must have a hard time not to laugh at people like Bachmann, Palin and Perry, but he can’t. If he would give his honest opinion about the GOP and it’s plans, he would in fact be campaigning for President Obama. Because as much as his ideas on social issues differ from Obama’s fantastic ideas, there is no way that Ron Paul would approve of whatever the GOP is doing lately.

The thing I like about him is that in the middle of Hell, surrounded by a whole bunch of Conservative Christian Tea party people, he said he didn’t want to blindly support everything Israel did, he didn’t want to go to war with everybody. He was honest, but by doing so, also committed Political suicide. Democrats will never vote for Ron Paul because we disagree with him on social issues. True Conservatives will never vote for Ron Paul, because he doesn’t use the strong war language most Tea People are addicted to, and he doesn’t lie enough to trick them.

Ron Paul is a politician. He knows what he should and shouldn’t say. This puts him in a difficult position. He may be a member of the GOP, but he is actually not a Republican. He could get 15, maybe even 20% of the vote. It will never be enough to be elected President but it will be enough to have some influence.

Ron Paul’s credibility is at stake. And that is caused by GOP and Tea people who continue to say and do the most ridiculous things. And if Paul would give his honest opinion, he would be campaigning against his own party. But if he doesn’t give his honest opinion, he will lose that thing people like about him, being clear and honest. Lately it happens more often that Ron Paul doesn’t comment on what happens.  He can’t, he is still a Republican. And as long as that is the case, he risks his credibility.

A lot of people would like to have more than just two serious parties in America. Most democracies work better if there are three, maybe four options to choose from. For myself I just need one option, but with all the different opinions there are, I can imagine that there are a lot of people who want to have more than two options.

If there is anyone who could make a third party successful it would be Ron Paul. Not only will he be free to say what he wants without being afraid of the consequences his words have for the GOP, but it will also change the whole political landscape. Congress would do a better job if things don’t always go along two party lines because it would be impossible for one party to block everything the other party wants. There would be a third party to negotiate with.

Ron Paul can do us all a favor. Himself in particular. He doesn’t fit in the GOP and the difference between him and his party grows bigger day by day. And the longer he doesn’t speak up against them, the more his credibility is at stake. Ron Paul will never be President. But he can become the first one who can make a third party successful. And by doing so, he would change American Politics. And I think it’s about time.

Todd Akin, a new Tea Party low?

Just when we all thought that it was impossible for Tea Party People to become more evil, there was Todd Akin saying that women can’t get pregnant from ‘legitimate rape’.

A Statement he later on of course said was misspoken. Very interesting, because if he didn’t mean exactly what he said, then what did he mean? How else can you mean a line like that? And if we look at the context it proves he did mean what he said.

He said that he had understood from doctors that a woman has some kind of natural alarm system that makes sure that whenever she is raped, her body doesn’t work the way it works if she is having voluntary sex. She wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. And this was supposed to be an important statement in the discussion about abortions for rape victims.

If we look at the context it is beyond any doubt, that what Akin was trying to say is that women use rape as an excuse to get an abortion. In his mind they actually liked having sex because otherwise they wouldn’t be pregnant so there was no rape. Because if it’s legitimate rape, she wouldn’t be pregnant.

The goal Todd Akin had was not to talk about rape, he was talking about abortions for rape victims and what he meant is that it is impossible to need an abortion after being raped because if you are pregnant, there has been no rape.

After the social and the regular media started to puke all over him because of his statement, he came up with some lame excuse that he never meant it like this. But if we look at the quote and the context of his story, there is no way that he could have meant anything else than exactly what he said.

I don’t know if this is a new Tea Party low. Over the last years we got used to a lot of idiots. Limbaugh’s ‘Women who are on birth control are sluts’, was followed by ‘there is no war on women’. After this Todd Akin scam, the GOP campaign staff will without a doubt come up with some nice quotes for women over the next couple days. Then in a while the next Tea idiot will complain that he saw a kitchen without a woman in it to clean it up, followed by ‘there is no war on women’. After that we will hear that ‘women are strong enough to fight for equal pay themselves’ as a lame excuse so they don’t have to deal with the issue. Of course followed by ‘there is no war on women’.

In reality there is not only a war on women, there is also a war on immigrants, except when they try to win the Latino vote. There is a war on the middle class but whenever they are confronted with the consequences of their policies for the middle class, they will say the middle class is very important to them. They will say there is no war on Islam, but just as a coincidence it’s always Americans with roots in the Middle East who are questioned by Tea People if they are Bin Laden fans or not. Of course Tea People claim to not be racists, but they never ever claimed that any white Democrat who was President was Moslem, they never asked Bill Clinton for his birth certificate, but they stalk the first black President the USA ever had, with stuff like that all the time. Followed by claiming they are against racism.

And after every despicable act, they come up with ‘we didn’t mean it like that’ or ‘I misspoke’, followed by complaining that the Democrats are being so negative in their campaign.

Every now and then Tea People come up with something so disgusting that you think it can’t get any worse. And every time they prove you wrong. If there is one thing clear it’s that the self-proclaimed Tea Christians don’t know any low. They don’t have any morals. The only thing they have to do with morals is that they talk about them all the time.

We want to stay decent and that makes it hard to fight to pure Tea evil. They’re on a level that is lower than anything has ever been in history. They want to tear this country down and they will use any means necessary to get what they want. Todd Akin was willing to say that women are not raped if they got pregnant. That women who have been destroyed by something so horrible, are complaining about nothing and use rape it as an excuse to get an abortion. Make no mistake, look at the context. It is exactly what he meant!

And the only thing we can do is to make sure they won’t get away with it. We had to listen to despicable crap long enough. And it gets worse and worse, and every time they try to get away with it by saying they never meant it like that. It is time we won’t let them get away with it. It is time we will let them know that we don’t buy their lame excuses any longer, that we let the world know how low and immoral these Tea People really are.

We can’t fight them with violence, but we can continue to confront the world with these things. And if we do, there will be a moment that the decent part of the Republicans will conclude that they don’t want to be a part of this any longer. We should never forget these issues and continue to talk about it, is the only way to fight this kind of evil. If we wont let idiots like Todd Akin get away with this, then maybe someday they will stop confronting us with their hateful crap.



How to deal with Tea People?

It is not that long ago that the Tea Party was introduced to us. There had already been a small Tea movement before but the Tea Party as we know it, was launched in response to Barack Obama’s Presidency, by conservative Republicans who apparently thought that the GOP was not conservative enough and who are somehow convinced that this country is going in the wrong direction.

Before I will share my thoughts on the Tea Party and my ideas how to fight them, I need to make a couple of things clear. I am not talking about all Republicans. There are people who are actually informed and who have a different opinion on the big issues. I don’t mean to call them stupid or evil, they’re allowed to have a different opinion. If we search real good, we might even be able to find one or two convinced Tea Party members who actually know what they’re talking about, who’s principles are not based on hate or being uninformed, but who are convinced that life was better in the 50’s. I don’t agree with them on anything, but I also don’t mean to insult them.

I’m going to discuss average Tea People and their leaders. Often it seems as if they are all the same. But I don’t think that is the case. And to figure out how to fight them, and to try to teach some of them some decent morals, it is important to know who we are dealing with.

In my opinion there are two different sorts of Tea leaders. First of all we have got the uninformed ones, Palin, Bachmann, Perry and so on. They are able to communicate certain issues in a way that makes their fans cheer. Their electorate wants to hear strong language and they deliver. Behind those strong words however, it’s hard to find any knowledge. They know how to give a speech, they know what their people want to hear, but as soon as a journalist asks them three questions about a certain issue, they will fail completely. We all remember what happened when Sarah Palin had to answer tough questions about the issues. She was stuttering all over the place, no idea what to answer. It’s those people who complain about Libya, but if you show them a map they would never find it. It’s those who talk about the economy and that they want to fix it, but if you ask them how exactly they want to do it, they are unable to give you more details than the line they began with. They want to fix it, that’s all. They use strong language but they can’t back it up with any knowledge. And they usually get away with it by avoiding complicated interviews, and by spreading their ideas amongst those who won’t question them in the first place. And even though their ideas are dangerous, as a person they are not of much danger. They may be able to get a seat in Congress, in some States they may even be able to become Governor. But they will never ever be President or GOP leader, simply because average Republicans realize that they haven’t got enough knowledge to do the job.

More dangerous are other Tea leaders. People like Gingrich or Santorum. They have the same ideas, but they actually also have a brain to back certain things up with. They’re good communicators who are able to manipulate their way through the issues. And they are not afraid to scare people off with lies.

A couple months ago Rick Santorum was campaigning in a very conservative village where he tried to compare the Obama Administration to European countries. In some European countries Euthanasia is legal, as long as people are very sick, with no chance of recovery and if they are in unbearable pain. It’s in fact very complicated to get permission to legally end your life. Several doctors have to agree, and there are a lot of people in a lot of pain who have been fighting in court for years because doctors don’t agree with their wish. There is no example, not a single one, of people who died against their will because of euthanasia.

Santorum, campaigning in a village, wanted to scare people off. He told a story about European countries, where the elderly walked around with bracelets and notes saying ‘please don’t kill me’ whenever they had to go to hospital.  According to Santorum that happened because in Europe the elderly are being murdered, put to death, whether they wanted it or not. He convinced those who listened that this was a normal thing in Europe and if we would reelect Barack Obama it would also become normal in America. Better write a note to the doctor, or else he might kill you. The audience was shocked, some people cried, others cancelled their vacation to Europe.

The story is of course a fairy tale. Not a single person in Europe has a note with ‘please don’t kill me’ on it, if they go to the doctor. Not a single example was given. Conservative organizations in Europe, who are against euthanasia, said that Santorum shouldn’t come up with lies about issues like this, stated that they never heard of such a story, and that this was not the way to reach their goal. It’s totally made up. It’s not a small story that got bigger. There was no story to begin with. A complete lie. But Santorum got what he wanted. He scared people off, he got them to cancel their vacation to Europe and the elderly who listened to his speech hated Obama even more after hearing this. Because if Santorum says that Obama wants these things to happen in the USA, then it must be true. And an hour later Obama was a murderer, and they hated him even more.

This is one example how despicable and manipulative Tea Leaders can be. Scaring people off, brainwashing them with lies. Mainstream media checked this story and concluded that it was a complete lie, but his audience doesn’t watch mainstream Media. They watch Fox and Fox has no intention to fact check stories like this. And while we all know it is a lie, there are probably still people spreading this story around, scared to death by it and by how America will turn into a country that kills the elderly, under the Obama Administration.

If we switch from Tea leaders to regular Tea people, the voters, there are also different sorts of them. Almost all of them have in common that they are in church every Sunday. They also have in common that whenever they leave church, they forgot what they learned. They just heard a story about how Jesus preached forgiveness and love, but once they left church they call the cops because there is homeless guy hanging out in their street.

Some Tea people will know that for example the story I just described that Santorum told, is probably not true. But they don’t care and they will use it anyway. Whatever is needed to scare people. It is legitimate as long as it will make people hate Obama. It’s these people who are filled with hate, it’s these people who want the world to know that they go to church and that they are devoted Christians, but if some Governor proudly says how many people he executed, they are the first to cheer. They don’t care about others, they care about themselves and their community. They don’t like moslems, but they’re not allowed to say that so they come up with stories that suggest that all moslems are terrorists. They claim to be not racist at all, but wait what happens if their son or daughter will date a black boy or girl.

A couple days ago I complained on Twitter that it’s ridiculous that women still don’t get equal pay. A female Tea person replied that she didn’t need the government to meddle in because women were strong enough to take care of themselves. I asked her that if it works like that, then why is there in fact no equal pay? Then the answer, was that I had to ask Obama why he was so unfair to women.

This is the standard conversation with Tea people. First they deny a problem, if they can’t get away with it, they blame the President, less than a minute after they said that the President shouldn’t meddle in. Facts don’t matter. Logic and reason don’t matter. They don’t want to talk about issues, they want to blame Obama! Obama standing up for equal pay, more than any President ever did, doesn’t matter. It’s his fault.

I don’t think we should waste too much time on people like this. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth, they don’t even try to get it right. All they want is to get rid of this President, to guarantee that they can live their lives in a society that is not allowed to change. And anyone who wants things to change is the enemy. Life was good for them, and even though they learn in church that the intention should be that not only the lucky people but all of us should have the right to a decent life, they don’t seem to care about it. They will say that People on food stamps are all lazy and if a 40 year old widow who is raising three kids while working two jobs still can’t pay for healthcare for her kids, then she should find a third job and if that’s impossible then it’s her own responsibility. ‘Why should I pay for her, I never asked anyone for help’ is the common answer these ‘Christians’ will give you. They don’t want to acknowledge in what kind of trouble some people really are, they just don’t care. And even though it never ever worked, they favor lame solutions as giving tax cuts to the rich so that their wealth will spread to those who need it as a solution for all problems.

To try to convince the neighbors and fellow ‘Christians’ how much they care, they will go to some charity once in a while, do fun stuff and eat and drink all day. And if there are some hamburgers left at the end of the day they will throw them on the street in front of a homeless shelter and their conscience is cleared. There is no hope that Tea people like this will ever become decent. They just don’t care and only a miracle can help them.

It’s not against the law to be evil or dumb or whatever word we want to use for it. Lately though, I started discussing certain issues with a Tea person who actually turns out to be not stupid. Uninformed or misinformed would be a better word. She was told that if the Democrats ‘took over’ the homeless would be rich and the rich would be homeless. She was told that Democrats think it should be mandatory for her kids to have a gay teacher, who would probably be having sex with his boyfriend while the kids were watching. The richest people on the planet, she was told, were people on food stamps, who all owned I-Phones, a big car and could afford all the pleasures in life, paid for by hard working Republicans. Of course Obama also ruined the economy, was a moslem who wants to take over America and he was of course against the Constitution. And it was pretty much a proven fact that Obama was not an American.

What she thought was pretty much the average Tea crap and the average lies that Tea People tell or what they are told.

So my first reaction was, how can you be so stupid to believe all that crap? This person though, was not a dumb, nor a bad person. And confronted with another opinion she was willing to think about what she heard. She started checking things out herself and came to the conclusion that what she has been told all her life were a bunch of lies. And she is now recovering from those lies.

It made me realize that not all Tea People are evil or dumb. Let’s be honest, a lot of them are. But those who grew up in a conservative environment, where everybody repeats the same things over and over again, where people still think that Fox is actually a News Channel, maybe they really can’t help it. If you repeat a lie long enough, for some people it will end up being a fact.

These people are actually victims of a brainwashing campaign. The example I gave about Santorum and euthanasia is one of those lies that became a fact for many people and if there is no one around who explains that it’s actually a lie, then how are people supposed to know? The person I talk about was spreading lies herself, without even realizing it. I’m convinced that many Tea people don’t know what they’re voting for, they got scared by lies. They’re brainwashed. And in my idea of what to think about the brainwashed part of the Tea movement, I started to realize that feeling sorry for some of them is maybe better than to think they are stupid.

Some of them actually are open to find out how things really are. Those are the ones who grew up with lies and never heard anything else. Those are the ones who would never ever vote for Tea if they realize what they were voting for. They are voting for pure hate, but they think they are voting against it.

The best way to convert those people, is not to block them from social media or ignore them, but is by doing what Democrats can do best. It’s the same thing most Tea People are allergic for. Present facts. Keep confronting them with how things really are and back your opinion up with facts and statistics. Those who don’t want to see the light never will. Ignoring them is the best option. But for the brainwashed Tea People there is still hope. And it’s up to us to show them how things really are.

What should happen with Assange?

Being a liberal, I have to admit that the, as I call it, Tea disease, has probably also infected some fellow Liberals. With Tea disease I mean the idea of moral superiority, the person who is writing, talking, tweeting is right and everyone who doesn’t agree for a hundred percent is an idiot. Pretty often opinions are treated as if they are facts, even though they are not.

Unfortunately within the Liberal world there are some people who are so convinced about their opinion, that everyone who doesn’t completely agree is either naïve, an idiot, a GOP spy and some will even call you a retard.

All the examples I just gave were yelled at me recently by self-proclaimed Liberals after I tweeted my opinion about Julian Assange. And even though it’s not really Liberal to try to forbid someone a different opinion, I recognize the fact that people are allowed to call themselves Liberal, even though they’re not really behaving like one.

Since he started Wikileaks, Assange is hated by a lot of people and loved by others. And since he is suspected of rape and England was asked to extradite him to Sweden, this whole case got out of control. Those who like him say that his haters try to trick him, those who hate him say that he is using the fact that he is hated as an excuse to get away with rape. I have no opinion.

The Assange case is a difficult one, with a lot of claims of conspiracy. Claims that can’t be disproved but there is also no proof for them, so whatever the opinion about it is, it is an opinion, and people shouldn’t treat their opinion as if it is a fact. And people sure shouldn’t feel so high and mighty as if their opinion is the only option.

It is at least strange how all those people who are against Wikileaks have already decided that Assange is guilty of rape, just like those who support Wikileaks already seem to know that he is innocent. The reality is, we all don’t know. It’s funny and also sad, that with a serious charge like rape, political views seem to decide whether someone is guilty or not.

Assange doesn’t want to be extradited to Sweden because he says he fears that after he dealt with his case there, Sweden will extradite him to the USA for Wikileaks related charges that may follow. And Assange may be right. But on the other hand, does that mean that he is a higher citizen than all the others? Does that mean that if he is suspected of rape, it should not be investigated? Some people don’t take the rape issue seriously because they say it’s all a scam. Could be, but again, we don’t know. And on the other hand, imagine a loved one was raped, and the one who did it gets away with it, just by saying it’s a scam. It’s difficult how to deal with this.

Who knows how serious these claims are? I don’t. And those who talk all high and mighty about it, also don’t know. If Assange is innocent of rape, then this might be a scam, to get him extradited to the USA. If Assange is guilty of rape, then he is using the conspiracy theory to try to get away with it. I don’t have an opinion about him being guilty or not. I do, however, have an opinion about what should happen.

Rape is a very serious crime. And no matter if Assange, the Pope, President Obama or Romney is suspect in a case like that, it’s not an option to just let it go. Claiming that it’s a conspiracy is not enough. He is not a suspect in a littering case, he is suspected of rape. A horrible crime if true, and horrible allegations it they turn out to be false.

Assange offered to be extradited to Sweden as long as Sweden promised to not extradite him to the USA afterwards. A request that is impossible by Swedish law. Those who support Assange say ‘well he offered it, which proves that he is innocent’ but those who don’t support him say ‘he knew it was an impossible offer, therefore it doesn’t mean anything’. Again, we just don’t know.

I think though, that Assange should be extradited to Sweden and I have a couple of reasons for that. First of all as I mentioned earlier, a rape case is such a big deal, there is no way we can just let it go. I’m not saying he is guilty, I’m saying that it should be investigated. Second of all, even the most cynical people who like to see a conspiracy behind every tree, never had anything to complain about Sweden. It is pretty much the most decent country in the world, it is a country with a lot of integrity, it will never and has never been immoral and it will always put it’s principles above anything else. If it wasn’t for this case, Wikileaks would probably declare Sweden the most trustworthy Nation on the planet. And I don’t believe Sweden would join a scam to get Assange extradited to the USA. And if others, wanted to trick Assange, Sweden would be the last country they would ask for help.

There is also a third reason. At the moment Wikileaks is no more. No one talks about it anymore, the only issue is it’s founder. And if he is innocent, then there is only one option for Assange to deal with that. Go to Sweden and let the world find out that he is innocent. He would not only be the moral winner, he would also save Wikileaks. It doesn’t matter what my opinion about Wikileaks is. This was his thing. He thought this was extremely important. And if he ever wants Wikileaks to dominate the news again, the only way to do that is to clear his name. And if that happens, then it’s on. The USA hasn’t charged Assange with anything yet, but if the USA will ask Sweden to extradite him, the whole world will be watching. And people have a lot of power. Sweden will decide whether he can be extradited or not and i’ve never heard a reason why I should not trust the Swedish Justice System.

If Assange is innocent then this is a horrible situation for him. But even then, the founder of Wikileaks has only one option to restore what he started.

If he doesn’t defend himself, Wikileaks and Assange will for always be infected by these allegations. Assange will say he was framed. His opponents will say he framed others. And we will never know.